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AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 2: Reach more customers with AdWords

AdWords tutorial from Google –  Step 2: Reach more customers with AdWords

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALI: Hi. It’s Ali with AdWords back for
the next step in our series covering the basics
of online marketing. Previously, we reviewed the
difference between paid search results, like AdWords ads, and
organic unpaid search results. Now, let’s see how advertising
online with AdWords can help you reach the right
customers at the right moment and all within the
budget you choose. Take a look at this. SPEAKER 2: As a
business owner, you’ve probably tried all kinds of
advertising– newspapers, flyers, maybe billboards,
or even event sponsorships, or radio and TV ads. These kinds of
advertising can help you reach some
potential customers, but they have their limitations. Once your ad is in
print or on the air, it’s hard to make changes. Most of the time,
you can’t easily measure how many
people see your ad or tell if they’re
the right people. And even if your ad does
go to the right people, it’s hard to make sure you reach
them at just the right moment. AdWords addresses all
of these limitations by letting you tailor your
advertising to the unique needs of your business. Anyone can set up
and use AdWords. Our online instructions walk you
through signing up and creating your first ads. And if you get
stuck at any point, you can always contact us
for help free of charge by phone, email, or chat. AdWords gives you the ability
to reach potential customers at the moment they’re searching
for what you’re offering. Letting you tailor
your advertising to the needs of your business,
even if those needs change during the year or
during the same day. AdWords takes the guesswork
out of advertising by telling you how many people
saw and clicked your ad. And since you can make
changes to your ads at any time at no
extra cost, you can tell exactly which ads
are the most beneficial to your business. How much will you spend? That’s up to you. During sign up, you choose
an average daily budget that you’re comfortable
starting out with, and you can change that
budget at any time. How do you know if your
investment is paying off? Well, with AdWords, you can
choose to pay per click. So instead of
spending money hoping to reach new customers with a TV
or newspaper ad, with AdWords, you pay only when someone is
actually interested and clicks on your ad. Don’t wonder whether
your advertising dollars are working for you. Use AdWords to reach the
right people at the right time at a price that’s right
for your business. ALI: Now that you’ve got
a sense of how AdWords can help you reach more
potential customers, it’s time to make sure
that your website is ready to turn these potential
customers into paying ones. Click the button to continue. [MUSIC PLAYING]

26 thoughts on “AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 2: Reach more customers with AdWords

  1. When does bill for Adwords get issued to customer's ? At end of every day or after every 10 days or at End of month ?

  2. I sell car lifts; SCISSORS. I only sell EUROPEAN MFG. GOODS. NO ASIAN.

  3. I have a very nice LOCALized website via Facebook for  my business. Does Google ads work for businesses that only have a .com website or am I ok with just the Facebook site.  www.facebook.com/BlindAmbitionsWA

  4. We are a Manufacturer of Nylon and Poly film and Flexible packaging, Would the Organic listings help to increaseIndustrial  Customers to our site?

  5. How does the two of the the ad search work? how do are they different? Do you get a better result from the paid ad search?

  6. I mean really does this shit have to be so damn difficult? I just want to put a basic video ad up. Why do I have to go through tons of videos to put up a basic ad? Jesus Christ! Set up a damn wizard to ask the person questions as they go so they don't have to kill themselves to put up a simple ad.

  7. where can I see this daily budget in my adwords account? I am not seeing it currently. We are running more than one campaign and I would like to see an overall daily budget including all the campaigns, where can I find this?

  8. At 2:15 there is sample of the Ad and in description line sentence ends with exclamation mark. Is that allowed in ad`s? I was told in training that this is prohibited.

  9. Which e-commerce website is most compatible with the Google search algorithm? We currently use x-cart, but I've read that certain e-commerce sites have a more search friendly lay out for google's organic and paid searches. Is there a list with the e-commerce sites ranked according to their "google-friendliness?"

  10. Thank you sweet TEACHER, I try September again. Just for fun In Denmark, The law is In Ireland. It worked too.

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