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AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 1 : Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers

AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 1 : Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers

Welcome to “Create an AdWords campaign that
reaches new customers,” a step-by-step guide that’s part of the AdWords tutorial video
series from Google. I’m Ali with the Google AdWords Education
team, and I’ll be guiding you through how to build an AdWords campaign that’s tailored
to your business goals so you can reach new customers at just the right moment. If you’re new to online marketing, you might
want to start with the first video guide in the series, What you need to know about online
marketing. Just click the button to start watching. Then,
come back here to put what you’ve learned into practice!
In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to:
Choose the right campaign settings based on your business goals… Create relevant and effective ads… Confirm that your ads are showing… and find out how they’re performing. We designed this video guide to make it easy
for you to find the AdWords features that are right for you.
At different points in the guide, you’ll see a question mark icon. This means it’s
time for you to choose where to go next by clicking the button on screen with the statement
that most closely matches your goals or skill level.
If you’re watching from a mobile device, you’ll need to click the appropriate link
from the video’s YouTube description. Once you click, you’ll go right to the video
about the AdWords feature we recommend based on your selection, along with instructions
to implement it in your account. Even better, whenever you see and click the
“Do it now” button, we’ll take you.. ..right to your Adwords account and walk you
through each step to implement that feature. Just keep in mind that you might need to sign
in to your account first. Note that this feature is only available on desktop computers.
When you’re done, come back here and proceed to the next video in the playlist to continue
setting up your campaign. If you have a question at any point throughout
the guide, post it for our AdWords experts in the comments below!
So, are you ready to get started? Then, let’s move on to an important step for all AdWords
campaigns, clearly defining your marketing goals. Click the button to continue.

69 thoughts on “AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 1 : Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers

  1. I would like to know that is there any cost difference for image Ad and text Ad? if I would like to bid for a keyword and want to run that particular keyword for text display network and image and dynamic display network. What would be the price difference?

  2. Each video is clean and has great information; I may have forgotten to mention they are FREE as well. There's truly nothing to complain about in this series. Thanks Google!

  3. if u have 3 new customers for adwords campaign then which one ll be best option MCC [ My Client Center ] or consolidate all 3 new customers accont.

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  5. I've had 32 different jobs from Adecco in the last 10 years. So tired of using all my time just to have a OK life. I wanna explore the world while I work "at home". good luck everyone.

  6. Question: I am selling a product on amazon. I am using around 800+ keywords the budget I have set is 5$ per day, and around 15c per click, anyways, it seems like when I cant have all those keywords active at the same time, it is like the first page is active, and other keywords are paused, If I turn the paused keywords on, all of my other keywords will be paused. Please help me

  7. How do I limit the time period of google adwords results in the results tables? For example, I don't care what the performance of this campaign was a year ago, just the past 3 months. Thanks

  8. willing to publish google ad in my country nepal for some products…just wanted to know weather can run adword in Nepal or not???

  9. An advertiser creates a new ad group in a
    campaign that is set to run on all relevant sites across the Google
    Display Network. If both keywords and placements are added to the ad
    group, they would work together to?

    This question appear on a web page while i was going through. i would like to know what is the meaning of "Placement" in ad word?

  10. Hi,
    I'm new to adwords, when I tried to learn more about features that are mentioned in the study guide, I mean when I clicked the start now button Adwords asked for the company details and straight away went for the First Campaign. The landing window does not show any Menu List like Home or Tools Etc. Am I doing something wrong or would it come later on. Also I'm using a laptop. So, I hope there wont be any difference in features from desktop to laptop.

  11. joined "DIGITAL MARKETING" zapped by "google machine working for info and business" have many clarification and questions soon with questions……………thank you

  12. Hi Dear Sir/Madam how are you? My name is Naqash. I need your help that I want to work for two different companies with my personal gmail account. Please tell me how can I start? Your reply will help me very much. Than you

  13. Hi I want to Create an AdWords manager account but I already have a adwords account. please tell me how can do it?

  14. Hi, I have sign in to the program but do not own any website at this moment. Can I go through the tutorial without entering a website URL? And also is there a way to try out the actual Adwords interface without entering a website URL? Many thanks.

  15. I am trying to promote my youtube video with google AdWords but every time I am trying to do it my web page is redirected to google adwords express please find me a solution

  16. What happens when the Website is under maintenance mode and its ads are still running. Is there a way to pause these ads from the adwords account when such a scenario is in action?

  17. google add words is really stupid: I just called: "we have to have your name your phone number" …etc etc etc "to even tell you about our product" how frickin stupid is that: thats what i got from 855 815 8959 reception desk.. i want to find out about your product… not sell my soul to the devil befor i even know what i get in return…obviously they think people are stupid

  18. I’ve started that but until now it doesn’t work there’s no feedback.. I don’t know what’s the prob guys?

  19. please help you mem … but I did not understand why my campaign is suspend…now what I will be do

  20. hi we need to sign in just for practice purpose or on a serious note? cuz i want to learn and practice the same process so.

  21. i would like to ask that i made a adwords account and i paid 50 dhs, i made also group and compaign but status shows
    "eligible" what does it mean, should we start it again or something else ?

  22. Hello please it’s my first campaign and it refuses to take me to the main homepage editor .. am being forced to do Text Ads I want to do video ads

  23. The adwords process is designed for marketting experts. It's just too complicated for me. Also, there appears to be no way to wipe an account clean. You can 'cancel' an account but it's ghost remains. I would like to start all over but just can't. I am good at manufacture but the complete lack of recommendation by Google of a good marketer means I am at the mercy of less than reputable marketers so it's no more adwords for me.

  24. i have created an campaign an set the cpv manual to rupess0.03 cpv
    but after transaction viewing my campaign it is showing rupess0.00/day
    plz help me out , i have made 1000 rs transactions is the ad staryed automatically or what?

  25. i want to know if i have launched a campaign with daily budget of let's assume $100 for Pay per click, if i don't got enough traffic clicks to consume this budget in one same day what will be charged by google

  26. I have created an ad extension at my account but doesn't show up in my ad although google has approved the extensions…..Can you help me please?

  27. If they taught you how to do it well, they wouldn't make as much money. The more money campaigns hemorrhage by not being optimized, the larger their bottom line becomes.

  28. My Ad words account not working perfectly after investing app. rs. 20000/- nil response . Please suggest , what I do?

  29. That moment when you cannot fallow the instructions because they deleted the tap on something feature from youtube

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