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AdWords Stories: Zingerman’s

AdWords Stories: Zingerman’s

be part of something that’s greater than themselves. Certainly, we’re
more than a business that just sells sandwiches. My name is Paul
Saginaw, and I’m one of the co-founding
partners of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. BRAD HEDEMAN: So in the
Zingerman’s Community of Business there’s
the Zingerman’s Deli which started it all. PAUL SAGINAW: We recognised
that we had a desire for growth. BRAD HEDEMAN: And then there
is Zingerman’s Bake House, Zingerman’s Creamery,
Zingerman’s Coffee Company. PAUL SAGINAW: We have
over 700 employees now across nine businesses. We see ourselves as
very local, and we wanted to drive our roots
deep in the community. BRAD HEDEMAN: When you
have a plan and a vision to never leave your town – how
you become a national company, the way that happens is
through the internet. RECEPTIONIST: Good
afternoon, thank you for calling
Zingerman’s Mail Order. BRAD HEDEMAN: The mail
order business started just on a card table
with one person who would answer a phone
every now and again, and now that’s grown into
a $14 million business. I can’t imagine a future
where Zingerman’s isn’t a big part of Ann
Arbor, and I can’t imagine doing any
kind of business and being successful
without Google AdWords. It’s something you have to do. It’s like having a front door,
and as Zingerman’s Mail Order grows, so does
Zingerman’s Bake House, so does Zingerman’s Creamery. Everyone else is coming
along for the ride. Food is about sharing. It’s not about coveting. It’s not about keeping
it to yourself. That’s why tables
are so big, right? SPEAKER 1: You’re
getting some of the best food you can possibly get. SPEAKER 2: It’s kind of an icon. SPEAKER 3: A landmark event. SPEAKER 4: It’s magical. PAUL SAGINAW: I like
to think that we’ve created a workplace where you
weren’t just making sandwiches. There is a sense of community. Something extraordinary
and wonderful can happen when you’re trying
to say, how much good can we do with this? Let’s have some fun. Let’s see what’s possible.

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