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AdWords Stories: Progetto Quid

AdWords Stories: Progetto Quid

It is amazing to live in Verona.
In every corner you can really feel the history. But then as soon as you get out of the center
you can find many women that are struggling. So I really wanted to help the real part of Verona. My name is Anna, I am 29, I am from Verona,
and I am the founder and president of Progetto Quid. When I was 19, I had a very tough relationship.
For three years I felt like I was a prisoner. I was able to free myself of this relationship
thanks to the help of people that I met during my path. At that point, I wanted to dedicate my time to help
other women coming out of difficult situations. So I thought, why not doing it with
fashion by creating new products, giving a second chance to leftover materials that would be thrown away. And by giving a second opportunity to disadvantaged women. We work with victims of violence, human trafficking. Most of the time they really have no choice in terms of job market. I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost my home, my family. But Progetto Quid gave me hope. A beautiful and affordable product together with the
social project behind is giving us the opportunity to grow. And Google AdWords is a powerful tool that
allows us to reach thousands of people. Today we have 5 stores in the north of Italy and we have
50 multi-brand stores that sell our products. Now Progetto Quid is made of a
group of beautiful women and men that have a lot of strength because they
have undergone much difficult situation. And they really have the desire to
start a new life to empower themselves. What I want to say to Progetto Quid, especially to Anna, is a thank you. If she never had this dream, I don’t think I would be given this opportunity
of believing in myself again.

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