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AdWords Stories: Berwick Shellfish

AdWords Stories: Berwick Shellfish

My name is Graham Flannigan, and I am the
owner of the Berwick Shellfish Company. Mum and Dad started the business off and I
got involved from day one. My son’s Darren’s role is catching the crabs
and lobsters and my daughter Emma checking Darren’s catch. When you have done a family business for so
many years, you get stuck in your ways. We have got to change with the times now. People buy online for a lot of products and
food is not an exception. I just googled “what’s the best way to advertise?”
and AdWords came up. I created an AdWords account. I learnt how to use keywords. For example, for Christmas offers, we’ll use
different keywords: “salmon buffet”, “gournet seafoods”, “smoked salmon parcels”. So I changed all the keywords to bring those
products in for those different times a year. Last year, we tripled our sales, and the first
two weeks of December by increasing the budget on Google AdWords. AdWords has expanded our reach tenfolds. People used to buy from maybe a wholesaler
that we supplied 10 or 15 or 20 years ago. Whereas now they can buy directly from us
through an email, a phonecall or an online sale. You want to be on page one when someone clicks
for any kind of product and that’s exactly what we did through using Google AdWords.

2 thoughts on “AdWords Stories: Berwick Shellfish

  1. Wonderful shellfish service and people …… our favourite place for weekend treats and Graham and team are the best .

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