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AdWords Store Visits Conversions

AdWords Store Visits Conversions

People today shop online. However, 95% of
retail sales still take place in physical stores. Consumers often research at
home or on mobile devices but go to a store to
complete their purchases. Google created AdWords
Store Visit conversions to help marketers measure how
their ads impact store visits. By measuring more, marketers
can earn more customers, value mobile
marketing more fully, and better optimize
for consumer behavior. Store Visit conversions measures
the millions of Google users who have opted in to share
their location history, clicked on an ad, and
then visited a store. A custom algorithm
extrapolates the data to account for
non-signed-in users who exhibit the same behavior. The custom algorithm is
tailored specifically to your account
and campaign, using a number of signals such
as location history opt-in rate, Google sign-in
rate, and country. AdWords only reports
store visits data if it reaches a strict, highly
conservative confidence level. Imagine a sporting goods store
with 100 retail locations runs an ad promoting
new camping gear and receives 10,000 ad clicks. In this example,
AdWords might show 2,500 store visits generated
over the last 30 days. This could mean
1,000 store visits were recorded from
signed-in users, plus an additional 1,500 visits
extrapolated to represent non-signed-in users. Like all Google solutions,
consumer privacy is top of mind. Only aggregated, anonymized
data is recorded. And users can always opt out
of sharing location history at any time. Marketers across many verticals
have used Store Visits data to improve their mobile
and physical experiences for customers. Speak to your account
manager to get started. And let Google help you measure
the moments that matter.

3 thoughts on “AdWords Store Visits Conversions

  1. My Google + page gets to around 550,000 views on the counter before Google+ removes 50,000-100,00 of those views. They are constantly removing my views to keep it under 500,000. How can I get them to stop manipulating my view counts?

  2. Marketer A promotes pair of shoes for XX. Marketer B promotes new TV for YY. Both shops are in one shopping mall. Anna clicked on both marketers ads then went to the shopping mall to buy apples in ZZ. I guess both marketers will see conversion even Anna was not in XX or YY. Am I right? Solution?

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