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Adwords Optimization Day #4 – How Many Keywords Should I Use

Adwords Optimization Day #4 – How Many Keywords Should I Use

Mike Mancini with ppcvideotraining.com. Today, we are continuing our
AdWords optimization course. Week #1, day #4. We are talking about
the number of keywords you should have in your
ad groups, stay tuned. – What is the maximum number
of keywords you should have in any particular ad group
in your AdWords campaign? Depending on where you
look and who you ask, you will get a number of different answers to this particular question. I’ve heard as high as 50
keywords in an ad group, and I’ve heard as low as
three keywords maximum in any ad group. So, there really is no
specific, correct answer. But why would there be a maximum number of keywords in an ad group? Why not just throw all the
keywords for your campaign in there and just run it like that? The reason is, we are so limited with
our AdWords campaign ads, based on content, that we could not craft effective ads that would encompass more
than about 15 or 20 keywords. Why is that? Because in this particular ad group, this ad group is for
auto mechanic workshop. Out of these 16 keywords, you can see mechanic is in
each and every one of them. Or a version of the word mechanic. Auto mechanic shop, find a mechanic, auto mechanic near me,
and so on and so forth. We’re not talking about brake repair. We’re not talking about oil changes. We’re not talking about transmission work. This ad group is specifically built around the key word mechanic. If that key word does
not have mechanic in it, it is not in this ad group. Why is that? Then we can more effectively
craft an awesome ad that talks specifically
only about mechanics or a mechanic shop, and
present that ad to people who are typing in these specific keywords. If they’re talking about finding
an auto mechanic near me, our ad might say something specific like, “Are you looking for an
auto mechanic near you?” And that ad is tailored
to somebody looking for something specific like that. We’re not trying to fit everything in our ad that talks about, “Come here for transmission
and oil changes, “tire rotations, tuneups,
so on and so forth.” Because we just don’t have that much room. We only have 30 characters in the first part of the headline, 30 characters in the second part, and 80 characters in the third. We can only fit so much in an AdWords ad. So, you wanna keep these keyword groups, pretty tightly knit together. You don’t see anything
about transmissions in here. You don’t see anything
about brakes or oil changes. What’s a maximum number of keywords you should have in an ad group? In our agency, we try to keep the maximum number of keywords per ad group to about 20. Is everything thrown off if
there’s 21, or 22, or 23? Absolutely not. But with that said, if it starts to get more than that, even if they’re pretty tightly knit, we will probably separate them out into two different ad groups just because it makes it easier to manage. You will hear people also talk about single keyword ad groups. Meaning they will take a
keyword like auto mechanic and they will put that
in it’s own ad group, just titled auto mechanic. Then they will put three
versions of that keyword, an exact match, a phrase match,
and a modified broad match. And they will have a
single keyword ad group for every single keyword
in their campaign. One thing that we have found, is when we have a keyword that
is operating extremely well, we will usually take it out
and put it in it’s own SKAG, or single keyword ad group,
and run it like that. But until we hit specific
goals with our key words, we typically don’t do that, but that’s just a personal preference. So, what did we learn? Try to keep the number of
keywords in your ad groups to a manageable level. Try to keep all those
keywords very tightly knit, around one specific topic, so that when you are
ready to craft your ads, you can craft an effective and
very targeted advertisement to someone who may be doing a search for what you have to offer. Alright, hope that helps. We’ll see you next time. Thanks so much for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please Like, and subscribe to our channel. Or, if you know someone
this video could help, please take a quick second
and share it with them. See you next time.

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  1. Let us know in the comments what you think about the number of keywords per ad group in a campaign. Do you think it should be higher? Lower? Let us know below.

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