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AdWords In Under Five Minutes – Create a Call-Only Campaign

AdWords In Under Five Minutes – Create a Call-Only Campaign

SPEAKER: Hi, everyone
this is AdWords in Under Five Minutes,
and this video will teach you all you need to
know about call-only campaigns. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] Call-only campaigns make
it easy for businesses to reach potential customers by
prominently showing their phone number, business description,
and a call button right where people
are searching. If you’re looking to drive more
phone calls to your business, this is the campaign for you. Call-only campaigns
are specially designed to only show on mobile devices
that can make phone calls. Clicks on these ads will
only generate calls. They won’t link to a website. You should think about
the relative value of clicks to your
website compared to calls to your business. And if you’re still working
to develop your mobile web experience, call-only campaigns
can be particularly effective. While some businesses, like
taxi services and restaurants, are clear candidates
for call-only campaigns, focusing your ads
on the call button can increase user interaction
from multiple industries. We surveyed 3,000
mobile searchers who had recently made
purchases to understand the role that click to call
played in the purchase process. The results showed that
70% of mobile searchers can use click to call, and that
calls are an important channel for consumers. The study explored
behaviors across many different
industries, including local services, finance,
retail, technology, auto, and restaurant. Now you’re ready to create
your first call-only campaign. On the campaign’s tab
through your AdWords account, click the red plus
campaign button and select the search
network only option from the dropdown menu. On the next page, select the
call-only campaign option and continue with
the setup process. On the second page, you’ll
create your call-only ad and indicate your business
name, phone number, two description lines of
text, and your website’s URL. The verification
URL is the address of a web page on
your domain that contains your phone number. This allows AdWords to
verify that the phone number you enter on your
ads matches the one we have for your business. Let’s wrap up with a
few tips for setting up your call-only campaign. Tip number one, because
call-only campaigns call-only allow clicks to call,
you’re able to bid for calls to your
business, instead of hooks to your website. This means you should set
your cost per click bid to match the value you
would place on a phone call from your ad. Tip number two, tailor ads for
phone calls with creative text like speak to a specialist today
or call to make an appointment to let potential customers
know they can easily reach your business
with a phone call. Tip number three, in the
campaign’s setup process, select the option to show my ad
with a Google forwarding phone number and use call
reporting so that you can see detailed reports
about the calls generated from your ads. All calls will be routed
to your business as usual, only we’ll dial a
dynamically generated number that allows us to connect
that call with your AdWords account. This tool allows you to track
your return on investment for your call-only campaign. Tip number four, in the
campaign setup process, you can schedule your
ads to appear only on specific days and/or
during specific hours. So to maximize
performance, consider setting bid
adjustments to increase your bids for peak
operating hours or decrease bids
during slow times. If there are hours where
you don’t accept calls, be sure to schedule your ads
to only run when you’re open. Tip number five,
after you have started running your
call-only ads, you’ll want to see if
they’re paying off. So be sure to monitor the
campaign’s performance. Calls from your ads will
appear under the clicks column in your reporting table. For each call-only campaign
if you enable the Google forwarding phone
number, you can find details about each call such as
the duration, the caller area code, the status, and
the time of the call to see this information,
go to the Dimensions tab and select call details
from the view dropdown. Be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And if you have
any questions, you can post them in the
comments section below. If you have further questions,
you can find us on social media discuss this in the
AdWords community, chat to an online specialist,
or pick up the phone, and give us a call. Thanks for tuning in. [MUSIC PLAYING]

29 thoughts on “AdWords In Under Five Minutes – Create a Call-Only Campaign

  1. My ads are Disapproved again and again 🙁 I can't under stand what is the phone verification url? but I have set the number already on my landing page…. so please help me..
    Disapproval Reason
    Phone number could not be verified: We couldn't verify the phone number that you provided for your ad. If you provided a phone number verification URL while setting up your ad, it needs to have the same domain as the visible URL on your ad. The phone number on your ad must be legibly present on the webpage that the verification URL points to. If you haven't provided a phone number verification URL, then the phone number on your ad must be legibly present on a page within your website.

  2. none of my campaigns are responding, i just created the same campaign with same keywords which were working great on previous campaign but the difference this time i kept was this call only

  3. Why my call only campaign cost me double then a campaign with call extension? and my Quality Square is much higher? ?

  4. Love this short video of this type of advertising explained will be adding it to our campaign for our B2B services.

  5. I want to create call only ads compaign through my mobile but I can not see all adwards account featured in my android tablet, plesse help me. further please give your support email as well. thanks

  6. Hi, maybe you can helpem when i add a new phone call ads i put then business name but i dont see the name in the ads when i search on google only the number, descripcion line 1 and line 2

  7. The call button people are shopping they're not ready to call you. You get charged for it regardless if they hit that call button or not

  8. Hi, What if I don't have a website but want the call only option for my business? Can I skip adding verification url?

  9. hello Sir, I have a search campaign set up already.
    I have created now a new Call only campaign with the same keywords in it. And edited the ad texts little bit with CTA of Calling like call now, contact us etc.
    But I m seeing that in search campaigns a few kws getting clicks but for the same keywords I m not getting a single click for the last 5 days after the campaign had set up. Why? what to do? plz reply Thanks

  10. Hi, I would like to ask whether it's possible to create a call-only ad using a manager's account? I've only been able to do so through my personal one which is linked to my business. Through the MCC account, I'm only able to make a regular text ad. The region I'm from is Lithuania.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. So in other words, you have to change the CAMPAIGN type just to change the type of AD???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    What is all this vertical grouping for if I can't change AD settings locally without DELETING and recreating the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN???

  12. What the hell is all this "Campaign-Ad group-Ad" crap for if I can't even change BASIC AD SETTINGS independently? WTF!?!?!?!?!?

  13. Hi I don't have a website to verify my phone number however I do have a business facebook page which has the number on it. Will that work to replace the website requirement

  14. Great
    but it is for only calling devices what about computers, laptops, etc..
    I am having a problem for invalid clicks on my Google Ads plz suggest me some tactics or strategies to overcome it.

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