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Adwords Fundamentals Exam Latest . Live Exam, Use For Training & Practice Questions.

Adwords Fundamentals Exam Latest . Live Exam, Use For Training & Practice Questions.

In this video we will go to the google partner site Now we log in into Gmail account Now we will select the option available to choose as shown save and continue Select the Exam start the exam -click take exam Click on Start Exam Now Questions will come and i choose Answer.. Just follow the video…see what answer i select..

27 thoughts on “Adwords Fundamentals Exam Latest . Live Exam, Use For Training & Practice Questions.

  1. First of all thank you so much for posting this exam and congratulations for your performance! It has been very useful! I've used it as a mock exam and took to time to go through each of the answers and wrote down the ones in which I didn't agreed with the answer. I would like to know what were your answer (people watching it/preparing it) for the following questions :Question Number / Answer Option 3(3) / 6(3)/ 9 (2 or 4?)/ 11(3)/ 14(2)/ 37(1)/ 50(1)/ 52(2)/ 74(4)/ 81(4)/ 89(4)/ 95(4) / 100(3). Thank you so much in advance and good luck!

  2. Isn't the 8 one wrong ?? it should be Search Network with Display select.
    btw is there any place where we can see the answers too.

  3. appreciate all the comments. they are very helpful. i'm studying for our firm now and hope to take exam next wk

  4. 31. How many clicks are lead to conversion is: Converted Click
    31. How often a click has led to conversion is: Conversion Rate
    @Games hounds or anyone else Kindly reply if my understanding s right or Wrong

  5. Correction to 6: expected impact of extensions and other ad formats. https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1752122?hl=en

  6. @trapti jain……plz check this link…hope this will remove your confusion



  7. I think 77 should be d) since the client want's to spend 608$ for the campaign so the daily buget should be 20$. Adwords counts months as 30,4 days.

  8. 34 should be this? Converted Clicks = Unique Customers. This is “the number of clicks that convert within your chosen conversion window (typically 30 days)”. So, if a customer makes two separate purchases after clicking on an ad, they will register as one Converted Click.

  9. Can someone help me. I have created a list of keywords phrases from the keyword planner, saved it and left. Now all what I have is a campaign with no information the average search for each phrase, competition, and suggested cost, like I saw in the keyword planner. How do I get this information?

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