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AdWords conversion ID and conversion label

AdWords conversion ID and conversion label

Hi in this short video I will show you
how to find the conversion ID and the conversion label and how to copy it over to your favorite conversion plugin in a first step open your AdWords new experience in your browser then in the top right hand side click on the three dots and then, on ‘conversions’ if you haven’t done so already create a new conversion for a website purchase give the new conversion a name select a category and we want to use different values for each conversion here in this demo we will keep all the default settings as they are now now Google AdWords shows you two different code snippets and we want to have a look at the second one this one here also, since AdWords only allows you to select the entire coe we’re going to do that and we are going to copy it and we are going to paste it into our favorite text editing tool so now paste it here and you are going to be able to select only those parts that we need here in this short code snippet both, the conversion ID and the conversion label are visible so the first part is the conversion ID it is separated by a slash from the conversion label now go ahead select the conversion ID copy it open your conversion plugin paste it in here then go back to your text editor select the conversion label copy it go over to your plugin paste it in the second text box save it and you’re done if you like this video please subscribe to our channel

12 thoughts on “AdWords conversion ID and conversion label

  1. Thanks this was quite helpful!

    I would suggest adding a link to this video on your plugin Installation instructions 🙂

  2. There is one thing I need to point out when it comes to the conversion ID.
    The new format contains a "AW-" prefix. But this is not necessary in all conversion tracking plugins, especially not ours. So, if you're using our conversion tracking plugin you should leave the "AW-" prefix away.

  3. Thanks for the video! After selecting "use different values" do we just leave it at the default 1 dollar? How to make it reflect the actual purchases. (By the way, I'm using Woocommerce)

  4. Installed this in the hope to see if we are getting conversions from our adwords campaign, Set this up over a week ago and still it is saying "no recent conversions" in google adwords. So i decided to make a test purchase on Friday, did a google for one of our adwords, clicked our link and bought the item – today is Monday and still it is showing as "no recent conversions" so clearly something is not working correctly?

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