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AdWords API DevBytes Episode 1: Why Use the AdWords API?

AdWords API DevBytes Episode 1: Why Use the AdWords API?

Do you have complex advertising
needs like automated account management and reporting
but don’t want the overhead of manual maintenance? I’m Xerxes, a developer
advocate at Google. And I want you to understand
how the AdWords API may help you to increase
your operating efficiency and your return
on advertising investment. This video series is designed to
help you get going with the API starting from the
very beginning. So, let’s get down to it. With the AdWords
API, you can build software that manages accounts
from the customer level down to the keyword level. The API can do almost everything
that the average web site does, but programmatically. Some types of companies that
have benefited from the AdWords API are advertising agencies,
SEM companies, and big brands managing multiple AdWords
accounts with needs beyond what is possible within
the AdWords web interface. There’s an entire suite
of applications and tools around AdWords. So how do you know if the
API is the right route for your organization to take? This matrix summarizes
the available approaches. Whether you have dedicated
engineering resources, or none at all, we have the
right tool for you. Click the link below
to have a closer look and decide which approach
is best for your business. In short, the
AdWords API is used by companies that are looking to
build custom account management and reporting
automation beyond what is offered by the AdWords
web interface, AdWords words editor, and AdWords scripts. The API allows ad words
to be deeply integrated with your own systems,
thereby removing the need for human intervention,
increasing your efficiency, and automating AdWords logic
based on your business needs. A few common use cases are
custom reporting, ad management based on inventory,
bid management based on business data,
and other synchronizations with your internal systems. So let’s take each
use case in detail. The AdWords API allows you
to programmatically retrieve report data and store it
in your own databases. You could then create
custom dashboards for monitoring the performance
of accounts, including fine-grained details such
as per keyword statistics. Powerful segmentation
and filtering options allow you to slice and dice
data without extra client side logic. With the AdWords
API, your software can pause and add when
stock is depleted, then unpause when stock
becomes available. So visitors to your site will
never be taken to a page only to find that an advertised
item is of stock. No more wondering if your
ad budget is well spent. And you’ll see
conversion rates climb. The AdWords API allows you to
incorporate your own business data into bid decisions. For example, you
could adjust bids based on your inventory,
cost changes, or sales. Some clients use the API
to integrate information from AdWords with their
internal systems such as billing or conversion tracking. For instance, they may
want offline access to data such as campaign and ad
group listings, or performance statistics, such as
impressions, clicks, cost, click through rate, et cetera. They may also want to
programmatically create AdWords accounts
for their clients based on data from a CRM system. So the API can do a
lot of powerful stuff. But it should be noted
that using the API is a serious commitment. Several versions are released
in [? sunset ?] each year. So before deciding to
develop with the API, ensure that you have the
engineering resources and that you have a
business need that is not met by the AdWords
website or AdWords scripts. If you think that
the API is the best route for your organization,
keep watching the videos in this series to build
your very first AdWords API application. If you’d like to brush
up on AdWords words basics before continuing,
here’s a useful resource. Thanks for watching. I hope to see you
in future episodes. And don’t forget to subscribe
to the Google Developers YouTube channel. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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