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Advertising with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Advertising with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

The key for Indie Authors selling books on Amazon is discovery. Getting your titles in front of the right customers. KDP authors have access to Amazon Marketing Services which offers self-service advertising options, to help readers discover your books on amazon.com. With AMS, when readers search for books like this, they could also see this, your title featured in search results across desktop and mobile. How does it work? AMS offers multiple ad types in search results, unrelated products, detail pages, and even on Kindle E-reader. You can target your ads by search keyword, interest, or product. Including other authors or best-selling titles. Ads are run on a pay-per-click system. Letting you control your bids, budgets, and campaign length. This means you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. AMS ads increase the visibility of your books in highly competitive, high-traffic areas on site like search results. Whether you’ve penned a dark sci fy thriller or the next great romance novel, by running AMS ads targeted to related popular books, when customers go looking for them, they may also discover yours. Ready to get started? To build your first ad log in to KDP. amazon.com, select an eligible book from your bookshelf, click promote and advertise, then create an ad campaign. I’m Charles, for Amazon marketing services.

2 thoughts on “Advertising with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

  1. Amazon are already taking a percentage of the ebook price. Why should the author have to pay for adverts as well? Surely, Amazon are already getting paid for marketing when they take their cut.

  2. my problem is that, people can click on your ads for curiosity, but never exactly buy the product. in that case you might loose a lot of money in the process. it's kind of a big risk, I wanted to know if any people or author who use this ads successfully.

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