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Advertising Week APAC Announcement in NYC

Advertising Week APAC Announcement in NYC

Jules Lund here founder of TRIBE.
New York City has a lot of cool things that we miss out on in APAC but
we’ve just taken one massive bite out of the Big Apple because
their Advertising Week is coming to Sydney week commencing July 30. I go to a
lot of conferences around the world and here’s the tip: they’re not all good! This
one is I presented at Advertising Week Europe and my mind was blown at the
genuine insights, the caliber of speakers and the A Grade entertainment. It was
like a festival so you can imagine what it’s like when we take over Sydney’s
Luna Park. I’m gonna be there presenting a very interactive session,
walking you through the three tectonic plates that are converging to spark the
next multi-billion dollar creative category. It’s powered by your own
customers! Hope to see you smiling happy faces there! Geez a pigeon just nearly
knocked me in the head!

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