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Advertising to the Fragmented European Market | Travel Thought Leaders

Advertising to the Fragmented European Market | Travel Thought Leaders

The EU is very fragmented. We have many different nationalities, many different language challenges, so to market to all of Europe is quite a challenge. In a past life, when I was marketing to different types of European profiles I would have to think very differently about how I marketed to a French person as opposed to an English person, as opposed to a German person. Whereas now, you can adopt a strategy where one message can be delivered to that person, in their language, through a solution like Sojern. In the past, I think what we used to do was take out adverts on websites that we would hope our customers would find us on. Now, we have the ability to serve ads where the customers are actually looking. We don’t have to guess when a French customer looks on a particular website, or an Irish customer looks on a particular website. We actually serve the ads where those customers are looking. With Sojern’s solutions, you can get a very accurate return on your investment. If I had had a solution like RevDirect, for example, it would have made my life so much easier, because I would have been able to have a true metric to report back to my superiors.

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