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ADVERTISING Reaction – KinKi Kids [ CM GREE ] TV commercial

ADVERTISING Reaction – KinKi Kids  [ CM GREE ] TV commercial

Hi my followers, I’m VDK_Post ! My followers, I’m so sorry I’m so late, I know… But if you follow me on Facebook, on Instagram you already know that… it was my BIRTHDAY !! so, yes I took the time to enjoy it ! But you probably don’t care about it, right? ! OK my followers I already know that Kinki…Kinky…Kinki Kids win but I don’t really know the final results ! So, let me take a look at… So, Woooow 4673 votes for KINKI KIDS… OK wooow it’s a lot OK and at the 2nd: Oh no Jolin

10 thoughts on “ADVERTISING Reaction – KinKi Kids [ CM GREE ] TV commercial

  1. Happy Birday
    Can you react about Arashi's latest single their first single in 2018 also the theme song of Matsumoto Jun's drsma 99.9 – Find the Answer
    I can't stop watching it's since they performed it in VS Arashi yesterday

  2. The pronunciation of "KinKi" is like: King Key.
    OMG This comment will be SUPER long!!!
    Strictly speaking, I am not their fan(I mean I didn't buy any of their albums, but I've watched their live performance(online), TV shows and dramas..so I don't know them as well as Arashi, but I do like these 2 people cuz they are SO talented!! And I've asked my KinKi fan friends to tell me more about them. Anyway I will try my best to introduce them to you..the basic infos..and leave other more detailed information for their fans to tell you..

    **As a group**
    >> Members: "Koichi Domoto" and "Tsuyoshi Domoto". We normally call them by their firstname cuz they have same last name (which is just a coincidence).
    >> They officially debut in 1997, but they were together since 1991, and got their group name in 1993.
    >> Before they debut, they were already SUPER popular in Japan. So their debut single "Garasu no Shōnen" (硝子の少年, "Glass Boy") and album "A Album" both sold OVER one million copies. And they hold the Guinness World Records for having the most number of consecutive No.1 singles since debut.
    >> They mainly focus on music and musicals. They write songs themselves. Their songs are soo good that many people consider them to be singer/artist rather than idol. (I believe their fans will recommend their song to you through your website..
    >> Their concerts are also must-see. The songs are good, the setting are soooo beautiful, and the 2 of them are sooooo cute..I've watched the "phi" concert, and my friends recommended me "K" concert and "L" concert.
    >> They have very very very good relationship..as you may already noticed, they've been together almost 30 years..some fans believe they are a couple..(but I personally think they are just very good friends..and team member..)

    **A little more about them individually…**
    >> Koichi Domoto: born January 1, 1979. Prince character, but not a traditional one. We call him "reality idol", cuz he always tell fans the "cruel" reality instead of those sweet words like other idol would say. Remember I told you he calls his fan "fatties" and they call him "bald head" in return? LOL. But he is very talented, his dance and voice are beautiful, and his acting skills are also good.
    >> Tsuyoshi Domoto: born April 10, 1979. Different from Koichi, he's an angel!!! He's so gentle and soft to everyone..He's a true artist..more like a poet..so sensitive..every Johnnys write their blogs on Johnnys' Web, and his blogs are just soo different from others..Every time he writes like poems..so beautiful words..OMG I adore him..and he draws very well..And his voice…WOW so unique and beautiful..I also like his dance, and because of his sensitive personality, his acting is good too.

    Anyway, they are sure different from ARASHI, but they are also good..Hope you will put one of their songs in the option for MV reaction…

  3. Oh, I googled "Gree", it is a Japanese social networking service, which focuses primarily on mobile games. It is very popular among younger generations in Japan, and most of them access to it by mobile phone..in other words, it's a platform for social and games.

  4. Oh, I love Kinki Kids very much!! This is the best song for kinky kids ^^
    and This song is Good

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