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advertising pro tips for beginners

advertising pro tips for beginners

in this video I’m gonna share ways to
define your audience in a way that will make your customer and your marketing
come to life the more specific your description of your customer the better
first define a range of people that you think your product and service will
resonate with best and be specific let’s say you’re selling a new technology for
people to listen to music in their cars it’s a physical product that you keep in
your car that enables the music on your smartphone to play through your radio
now a non savvy marketer may define their audience as all adults who drive
or who are passengers in cars but that’s too broad first you need to
realistically size your audience with quantitative data so get to work with
research you’ll be amazed at where you can find out for free online which leads
to the next thing you need to define you have to find who your customers are but
now we need to find where they are so start with looking into population
density data and geographic data to map exactly where they are and also consider
this can you sell your product or service anywhere and to anyone good for
you if you can most companies can be specific about how someone’s gonna
access your product or service it’s important to do both the geographic
distribution of your customers alongside your sales and marketing channels it’s
is important that they both match on the outputs that you should be looking to
create under the scope of target audience definitions are total available
market also known as Tam customer segments and personas now you can start
with personas and build your audience profile from there or you can start with
your total market and drill down into the audience what is critical is that
you do both now that you know how many potential customers you have and have
some specificity around what they look like it’s important to remember two
things you can never know too much about your customers and you need to
continually study them and update your information as things can change quickly
and knowing what’s going on with your car
Toomas is the first step in understanding how to adapt what you’re
doing so you can continue to succeed you if there’s one critical piece in getting
your advertising right it’s about setting the right objectives in this
video I want to help you understand how you can set evaluate and measure your
objectives so here’s a basic funnel of the different things that advertising
can help you do starting at the top is awareness also known as branding this is
casting a wide net into the world about who you are and what you do the next is
interest sometimes known as engagement this is where someone has registered an
interest in you by checking out your site or following you in social media
next and some would say most important is the conversion the point when your
prospect becomes a customer so you can generate revenue last or objectives that
target your existing customers to ensure loyalty and encourage referrals like
generate 5,000 new sales through current customer referrals when you are
developing objectives for work you must be selective it’s extremely difficult to
be successful if you try to create objectives for all levels of this funnel
choose whether you want to have top of the funnel such as awareness or bottom
of the funnel like activation and that will dictate your strategy on your
messaging next a great framework for objectives is the smart criteria there’s
a few different versions of this but I like this one ask yourself these
questions are your objectives specific as in are they clear are they measurable
can you track progress against your objectives are they attainable do you
have the resources to achieve these objectives are they relevant so are they
relevant to what your business needs and what your customers can do and are they
timely is there a start and an end point to this activity otherwise how do you
measure it finally how are you going to measure against these objectives go back
to the funnel and consider where your best data comes from under awareness how
many people did your message reach and how often that’s reach and frequency
under interest Google Analytics has great measures for your site performance
social media sites track followers and engage
and for retail these even infrared technology that can count store visitors
and predict your staffing needs under activation how many people requested
information how many visited your store or tried
your product and under conversion your sales data should track how many
customers bought how much and how often and how many were new customers versus
returning customers under loyalty for existing customers you can track their
usage you can track retention rates and referral numbers
Net Promoter scores are particularly good for tracking the likelihood of
referrals setting objectives and measuring against them is step one of a
successful campaign and remember investing against everything in the
funnel is expensive so choose your focus points in accordance with your biggest
business needs the first is customer experience
planning it’s a relatively new practice and given how complex the media
landscape became with the advent of digital media it’s a great exercise to
map out how your customers will find you how will they learn more about you how
are they going to engage with you and how are they going to buy and refer you
what this step does is make it clear that your customer doesn’t just
magically hear of you and then buy your product next is a creative strategy this
can be one of the hardest things to craft and there’s a legion of brand
strategist out there earning a good living because it is so hard at its core
your creative strategy is based on the insight that will differentiate you from
your competitors what is unique about you that people care about your creative
strategy could be a hundred page PowerPoint deck with research results
and conceptual frameworks or it could be a simple paragraph that tells your
origin story why you exist with your customer benefit how you help boil down
into a single line that represents what you stand for your media strategy takes
your customer experience map and creates the detail on how you’re going to
connect with your customer a useful framework for this is the bought and
earned construct media can be the most expensive part of your campaign so make
sure you’ve maximized your owned and earned media channels before you start
buy up expensive search terms or ads on your local bus shelter your media
strategy can also be expressed as a complicated long document or a simple
paragraph that helps drive what goes into your media flow chart business
owners and marketers think strategically about their businesses all day long
putting these thoughts into well-defined strategies isn’t easy but it’s well
worth the time in this video I want to share the
building blocks of a great piece of communication regardless of media and
give tips on how to guide a creative process and judge the work first the
basic building blocks of any piece of communication our concept what’s the
idea behind the ad visual design what does it look like is there photography
illustration headline logo’s copy what do the words say whether it’s scripted
for audio-visual media or written for digital and printed media and
call-to-action what do you want the viewer or Raider to do many small
businesses get caught up with number three and number four and worry less
about number one or number two but they’re all equally important
outsourcing the creation of a piece of communication to creative professionals
can be stressful and it can be expensive and doing it yourself or with a team
member can create a subpar communication piece regardless of which route you
choose from giant and expensive agency to a small creative team in your area
it’s important to understand that you are guiding a creative process rather
than trying to solve for all four elements at once sometimes it’s good to
just start with number one what’s the idea you can have dummy copy
and hand-drawn visuals indeed sometimes the best ideas start with just those
even if you’re doing a very promotional ad where you need to show the product
and talk about the promotion it’s still a good practice to ground it in an idea
great visual design also known traditionally as art direction will draw
your attention to the ad just as most interpersonal communication is nonverbal
so can an ad project a ton of meaning without necessarily using words the
style should fit the product in the message consider the difference in
moon–and message while using black-and-white photography that’s very
elegant versus a high-energy craf ET style graphic design a designer usually
works hand in hand with a writer it’s unusual to find people equally talented
in both the writers job is to create as strong an impact as possible in as few
words as possible a great format to get your
message right as in print or with larger format digital ads for these you need a
strong headline plus perhaps some body copy a tagline and call-to-action copy
the number-one rule with all copy is that simplicity is key and simple
ironically can be one of the hardest things to do when it comes to judging
whether your ad is good use a simplicity rule as your starting point will your
potential customer get it will they understand the Adar’s from you will they
understand what you’re selling and most of all will they understand what you
want them to do the second thing to do is to consider this piece of
communication a piece of the overall picture that is your brand or company
and product does it fit with who you are in other media think about the customer
journey and where they will encounter you does this piece of communication
make sense you can test creative and I recommend
that if you’re in doubt that you do although be careful with the advice that
you get back after a lifetime of being marketed to most people feel that
they’re uniquely qualified to give advice on how to make your ad better but
remember people are not just dumb consumers but they’re discerning about
how they spend their hard-earned dollars make sure the messages that you put in
front of them reflect that in the startup world an MVP refers to a
Minimum Viable Product it’s a great concept that means what is the most
basic functionality of a product that you need out in the world for you to
launch test and optimize I want to apply this thinking to your advertising what’s
the minimum viable plan that you must do as any size business to establish a base
level of presence to drive awareness and demand for your business let’s assume
that you’ve just started a business you’ve done your launch event you’ve
told your friends and you’ve hired a sales person advertising is a great way
to scale your business so where do you start consider the
bought and owned construct let’s apply it to this situation your owned media
needs to tell your story in a clean and memorable way and remember the strategic
foundation of a good message which is what’s the single most important thing
you want your customers to know about you make that your tagline or the
headline on your homepage or even your hashtag in social media then give them
the reasons why they should believe it across your owned media platforms you
don’t have to have the same message everywhere but there should be brand
consistency around how you tell your story and you should always have a call
to action such as sign up for more information call visit our store and the
most important action of all the Buy button so take a look at this checklist
and see how many of these owned media outlets that you’re successfully telling
your story in and asking your potential customers for their business emails
promotional and tactical emails such as email footers and contents and web
content there’s collateral such as sales brochures sales presentations health
scripts and demonstration scripts corporate identity includes business
cards letter heads packing slips product information such as packaging sales
information there’s retail space and signage such as soar front displays and
window decals an event signage such as standees banners and billboards
there’s blog posts and podcasts and anything that you author and distribute
yourself and there’s SEO content such as metatags for search engine
optimization earned media is when others promote your business on your behalf
without being paid for it social media can be complicated and
time-consuming but if you have the right strategy in the right tools you don’t
need a small army to make it work for you first consider the social platforms
that you need to be on at this stage it isn’t just the social media outlets that
are popular or even ubiquitous consider the ones where your customers are and
start there and how do you know where your customers are ask them give
incentives to share in the different social channels and see what resonates
just as you can’t avoid digital presence you also can’t avoid PR once seen as the
domain of big and loud companies there’s now some innovative ways for companies
of all sizes to engage first and foremost always remember your audience
as tempting as it is for me to chase CNBC or Bloomberg for stories about my
company my core audience are investors who are just beginning their investment
journey and too many of them CNBC sounds like a foreign language so I need to be
in the media outlets where they’re the most comfortable the three deliverables
you need for the basics of PR are a basic press release format a list of
media outlets and journalists who could be interested in you and a Q&A document
that preempts questions and how you’ll answer them get to know journalists and
media representatives from your field having a relationship before you send a
press release or worse need something corrected is always helpful next let’s
consider bought media there is no rule that says you have to buy advertising
space and maybe for your minimum viable plan you don’t but here are a few things
to have in your pocket for when the opportunity arises the first is a basic
print ad that you can reformat to a poster or a flyer or digital content and
let’s say you’re sponsoring a local event and one of the perks that comes
with that is often placement in the collateral for that event so have
something that you’re proud of and that can be easily adapted for different
formats the second is the idea of content strategy where does it make
sense for you to be a thought leader it may be an industry publication or a
general media outlet if you were to have your own byline
what would the article say it’s basically your stump speech but written
down beautifully edited with clear details on where the reader can find you
this core document can be reformatted to be a press release or content for your
website the last piece that can’t be missed is search going to Google to
navigate your time online is now the default you want to make sure you appear
either in the left side of the screen which is a search results listing or the
right side of the top listing that are the paid ads the idea of a minimum
viable plan is not a concept widely used by the advertising industry but it’s a
great way to provide a framework for the work that needs to be done by companies
big and small it may seem overwhelming that the
minimum viable plan has such a long list of checkpoints so it helps to break them
down by category and be more specific about each deliverable in this video I’m
going to review the basics of your digital presence which in short are all
the places on the Internet where your company brand and product needs to be
for each of the digital outlets I recommend you work with experts to
design build and maintain your presence if you’re at the very beginning of your
business one of the first things you need to do
frankly even before you confirm your name is to see what properties are
available in the different digital domains you need a memorable resonant
and searchable name and step one is to search to see if it’s available once
you’ve confirmed your name immediately secure your URL and different social
media handles and once you have your URL you need to get started with your
website your website is your digital home base the place where people come to
check you out most websites have a similar structure the home page
describes your business or product as well as the most important thing for
customers to know plus the call to action which isn’t necessarily just buy
it could be joined learn more or sign up for example make sure you have a clear
about Us page with your company story in key employees as well as a very clear
Contact Us page or section it’s better to design for simplicity and clarity
than try to say everything you want to say on your site the most important
lesson is design and write your site with what your customer needs to hear
versus what you want to say this holds true for most digital properties
especially digital advertising you’re so constrained by space you need to be 100%
clear on what is important to your prospective clients so despite the stat
that you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than click on a banner ad
these formats do work to raise awareness of your business Digital ads are sold
and measured on impressions and you need to think of them as billboards on
the Internet roadside just because people don’t click doesn’t mean that
they don’t see them also there’s fantastic new advertising technology
from companies like magnetic that can target your customers in much more
cost-effective ways than the traditional spray-and-pray approach where you would
just buy tons of impressions and hope for the best some of the best digital
advertising now happens within social media platforms these groups know their
customers so well that they can be very specific with how to target your ads
speaking of social media marketing make sure you set up your core accounts try
to get the same name across all the different platforms a good hint is that
even though Google+ doesn’t have the same amount of traffic as the bigger
platforms it is amazing for search results so don’t overlook it now an
inactive social media account is kind of like a party that no one attends so make
sure that you’re posting updates responding to comments and starting
conversations if you’re not sure of your own voice follow relevant thought
leaders and share their insights or follow hashtags or topics in your field
and engage in the ongoing conversation if you’re truly at a loss as to where to
start with social bring in a contractor or engage an agency they will set you up
with the tools and topics you need to get started and just because someone may
have grown up as a digital native it doesn’t make them a social media expert
an often undepreciated digital outlet is search engine marketing there’s two
types of search results organic and paid organic results appear in the left
column of search results they’re a result of a how popular pages for that
particular term or be whether the meta tags that you have on your website match
the term that people are searching for paid research results are basically ads
that are served up in response to a search term it’s an efficient way to
test what resonates with your customers the first step to buying search terms
which you can very easily do online with Google is to check how expensive certain
terms are and set a budget for how much you
wanna spend for search to work best it’s ideal to have all the other aspects of
your digital presence very well to find a job well done would be to see your
digital properties or references to your business come up first when people
search for your company or product or brand and should the unthinkable happen
and there be a disaster associated with your business unless you take action
that disaster will always be the first thing that people see in their search
results of course for every problem there’s business opportunity so there’s
consultants like Angela Matthews who can help you bury your bad press to ensure
that your search results stay positive the advertising industry moves so fast
that soon you may be able to buy a hyper targeted video ad to appear in your
customers streaming videos that day is coming soon when most advertising will
be digital advertising so make sure that your digital basics are covered off well you

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