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Advertising on video sharing sites

Advertising on video sharing sites

Hi, as you probably know by now people are spending loads of time watching videos online. That means
they’re spending more time than ever on popular video sharing websites
like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many others. With large audiences engaging
with content they care about video sites can be
a great place to advertise your business. You don’t even need
your own videos to do it. Today you’ll learn about the various ways you can take advantage
of the boom in video sharing to advertise your business. The first step is
to identify your target audience and the types of content
they will be most likely to view. Now let’s assume you’ve got a cooking blog and your readers like websites
about cooking at home TV shows featuring famous chefs and cooking demo videos. Start by looking
for video channels featuring content that matches the interest of your readers. YouTube can be a great place to start. These channels
have the audience you want to reach and advertisements on these videos
can introduce new people to your food blog Think about some ways
you can pique the interest of cooking video enthusiasts. Do you have similar recipes and tips? Do you have interviews
with celebrity chefs? Once you have some ideas
of your audience’s interests you can use the Google AdWords program to advertise on YouTube. Other video sites
often allow advertising as well. You don’t need videos of your own
to advertise on these sites you can use images and text instead. There are even free tools
like Google’s Ad Gallery that will help you create
professional-looking banners for example. Be sure your ad
gives viewers a reason to visit your website and that they find
something compelling when they visit. Now you already know
that this audience likes visual content. So guide them to pages
with stunning photos or your own videos if you have them. Remember you want them
to keep coming back time and time again. let’s say you’ve decided
to advertise on YouTube. Once you have your ad ready to go use an AdWords account
to run your campaign. Within Adwords
choose the category of people you want to reach on YouTube such as cooking enthusiasts. When your target audience
is watching videos on YouTube your ad will appear next to the video or even within the video itself
depending on the type of ad you choose. As with any online advertising you’ll have to define a budget for your YouTube campaign monitor your campaign
and optimize based on what you’ve learned. Let’s review. There are lots of ways
you can promote your business on video sharing sites. You don’t have
to create your own video content to advertise in places
that show mostly video. it’s more about reaching an audience who will find your business relevant and engaging. Find out which videos and websites
your target audience is interested in and place relevant advertisements on those sites.

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