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Advertising On Instagram | Social Media Marketing Strategies

Advertising On Instagram | Social Media Marketing Strategies

– If you can dominate
on Instagram this year no matter what niche
or industry you are in, you have the ability
to control your revenue almost like turning a faucet on and off. In this video I’m gonna talk to you about the best strategies for
your social media marketing for Instagram. A lot of businesses make the mistake of prioritizing their followers, they want that vanity metrics to see that they have thousands of followers, lots of people that are
following them on Instagram. But if none of them
are actually paying you does it actually make a difference? A lot of businesses would waste time in the follow, unfollow game but it doesn’t make an
impact on your bottom line. What you need is to have an audience that knows, likes and trusts you, that’s raving about you, that can’t wait to consume your content, that likes and comments on everything, is basically begging you to put out new products and services so that they can utilize your expertise. That was one of the biggest
shifts in my business was when I stopped putting out content for the sake content and put out content that actually made people take notice, turn their heads, got them to know who I really am, not just who I am as
the face of my business. Because what I do is just a part of me but they can resonate with me and choose to work with me because they like my message more than they like the
social proof that we have. Although that’s great too and I’m not saying not to post that, that is very important. Now what you want you to recognize is that more importantly than
having those comments and having great content is actually being able to convert them. Now, how do you do that? I’m gonna share with you exactly how. One of the most important
things for me in my business was being so active on Instagram Stories. Because yes, I’ll post content that shows up in the timeline, I’ll do some Instagram lives but the Instagram Stories
are how people got to know me and see my day to day, and actually really love following it to the point where if I don’t post, people are wondering where I am which is a pretty cool thing to hear of if your audience wants to
follow you that closely. Over time I started to give
away a lot of free content. Now that might sound counterintuitive, people would be like, well, why would I give
things away for free? I want them to give me their money but that’s part of the
know-like-trust factor. People, the more they
know, like and trust you are more willing to hand
over their credit cards or more willing to give you a testimonial. They’re way more willing to work with you. There’s nothing wrong with straight up advertising your products or services or if you’re an E-commerce store, giving them a link for
where they can buy that, and I get suckered into
those all the time. I see lots of really cool
clothes and shoes on Instagram and products there but the other great thing that you can do is give away a lot of value for free, get them onto your email list, continue to nurture the
relationship beyond Instagram. Now, so one of the things that I’ll do is on my Instagram Stories because
I have over 10,000 followers at the time I’m filming this you can’t do that swipe up feature unless you have over 10,000. But what I’ll do is I’ll
talk about something, I’ll share a story and then I’ll say swipe
up if you wanna get my free something. Or if you don’t have the
ability to have the swipe up you can say click the link in my bio. One of the things that I
had in my Instagram bio for the longest time was
a link to a free webinar called How to Create
60 Days of Social Media and Video Content in only eight Hours. And if you’re interested
I’ll link that below too ’cause it’s pretty great. It’s a 45-minute
absolutely free masterclass on how I structure video in my business. So, I would link that and I would talk about it
in my Instagram Stories and in the bio said click the link below to watch this free masterclass. And from there, they’re on my email list, there’s a small easy pitch
at the end of the webinar for a very low cost offer. And then that way you get
them in at a low cost offer, they get to know and like
and trust you and even more that then when you have
the big product or service, maybe it’s a $1,000 or more, they’ve already spent the time with you to know that they can trust
you. But how do you do this? How do you create a webinar? How do you create opt-in pages? How do you create those freebies? Well, the best thing
that changed my business more than anything was using a software called Click Funnels. So, Click Funnels has helped me to create all those freebies, have the links for the opt-in pages and then connect that with
my email marketing platform. I personally use ActiveCampaign, you can still also use MailChimp or even Click Funnels has
an email marketing provider involved in that software itself. That one software can kill out a lot of other softwares you’re using and if you like I have
a free 14-day free trial that you can use in the link below. So, Click Funnels was the biggest game changer for my business that I could create the opt-in pages, webinars, sales pages. Sales pages that had up sales, down sales, one time offers, trip wires, that is what you need to use in conjunction with
your Instagram strategy. And if you’re someone
that wants to strengthen your Instagram game, you need to get my Instagram
templates and hacks for your Instagram Stories. You can click the link below to get that. Thanks so much for watching. If you like this video hit the thumbs up, comment below and of course subscribe for more weekly videos. (upbeat music)

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