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Advertising on Dating Apps & Sites Does it work

Advertising on Dating Apps & Sites Does it work

welcome back you’re watching ACIERO in Amsterdam
today I’m discussing a question from one of our viewers, the question is can I
advertise on dating apps or sex websites okay if you’re struggling with how to
get your business out there and you feel that maybe if you advertise on dating apps like Tinder or the rest and you think that your clients are hanging out there then I think it’s okay it also depends on the audience you trying to target because if you’re trying to target a
certain type of audience and they’re hangouts isn’t dating apps then you
really are not going to reach the goal your trying to achieve so advertising on dating apps is ok I feel because if your audience is hanging around there and you think you can make customer to click on your website or customers to view your products its like your vegetarian and your go to a steak restaurant
so you’re trying to sell a product these people are looking for a partner or all
these people are just looking for sex so do you really think that these people
are interested in even in buying a product at that moment do you think that that AD that are you running on a dating app is going to turn into a conversion I don’t think so but
maybe if you’re trying to get brand awareness then it will work because most
of the time people are busy thinking okay let’s see how this happens you know like
what is this maybe they’re swapping around and they get to your website or they get to your ad it’ a good way of getting your brand out there but I don’t know if you can really make
a conversion with it because I don’t trust it so much like I just mentioned it’s
not going to a steak restaurant when you are a vegetarian so they will be
serving steak over there and it will be hard for you to get anything in that steak
restaurant that you can eat so in other words
just give it your best shot what I will suggest to you is maybe use the other
platforms I already mentioned in the video in this link above
yes so you can actually advertise and r each your audiece using those platforms so I hope you enjoyed if you’re new here thanks for watching if
you’re a returning subscriber thanks for the support
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