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Advertising Marketer (Episode 99)

Advertising Marketer (Episode 99)

Advertising is all around us, even if we don’t always notice it. Through print and radio, on TV and online, companies find ways to let you know about their products. Who gets the word out? Let’s meet an advertising marketer. Hi, I’m Viviana. Hi. Jenny Marshall. Welcome to our studio. Come and let me show you around. I’m Jenny Marshall. I am the partner brand strategist at Eclipse Creative in Victoria, B.C. I work with clients to develop and evolve their brand strategies. I’m also the lead account executive for all of our client work. We’re a full-service agency, so we do everything with the exception of media buying. That means that if a client comes to us, and they’re just starting their, their business or their company, we’ll work with them on their overall brand. So, their development of their logo, their brand personality, basically anything that they can use to promote their business. Our clients are coming to us because they want what’s new and what’s hip and what’s trendy and good ideas and unique ideas. So, this is where all the magic happens for you guys. Absolutely. Yeah, we’ve got designers, art directors, web developers working on everything that we need to get done today: logos, websites, even some floor plans for a presentation centre. Gotcha. I work 50 to 60 hours a week. Most of our staff work 40 hours a week. What we need to do is, we need to make sure that we’re bringing the project in on budget and delivering the project on time. So, what that means for someone new coming into the business, is there’s a lot of pressure. Sometimes, what you need to do is you need to maybe start a little earlier. If the project’s due in the morning, maybe you need to work a little bit later to make sure that your work is up to standards. To work in advertising and communications, you’d really need to either come from a graphic arts background, so have a degree in graphic arts or fine arts. Most of our employees have a degree in business or marketing and communications of some kind. An English major would probably also do really well, because we’re communication based, and our dialogue and our correspondence with clients is very important. The more detail-oriented we can be, the better, and so there’s an opportunity to catch an error. It’s ultimately on them to be able to catch them before it goes to the client. So tell me, what are we looking at? What are you going to show me today? Well, this is a new tool that we’re using for our real state clients in their presentation centres, and it’s a touch screen. They can go back and compare different floor plans, which is kind of a neat tool. So, what elements did you design to bring this whole thing together? So, we did the website design and then brought that same design into the touch screen. We organized the photo shoot that you see here. We also worked with the architect to finesse the floor plans and bring them into the online environment. So many different disciplines to make a client happy. Absolutely, yeah. We live online. We live on our computers. We’re emailing internally. We also use lots of Google
Drive, so Google Docs allows us to share and make edits to the same document. If
you come in from the design creative side, you’re going to start as a junior
designer depending on whether it’s an agency or a design studio. You’ll either
work your way up as a more senior designer and then eventually creative
lead on projects. If you go into the agency side, you would go from a junior
art director to more senior art director and then eventually creative director.
Ongoing education is important. We work on a lot of online strategies. Being
immersed in the online environment is important
to see what trends are happening. If you’re an entrepreneurial-based person,
you’re going to be proactive enough to continue that education on your own. The
most rewarding part of our job is when we do good work and we were really proud
of a campaign that we’ve done and then it delivers great results. Then our
clients are happy. we’re happy because we’ve done good work an all-round good
Thank you, Jen. What a wonderfully inspiring and creative work place you
have here. So glad to have you here. Thank you. Once again. I’m Viviana for Career
Trek, reminding you that this career could be yours. We’ll see you next time.

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