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Advertising in Korea…with Boobs

Advertising in Korea…with Boobs

Emma McLaren asks, could you talk advertisements in Korea? How does it differ from America? What are TV adverts like in comparison with Western ads? Are there more celebrity endorsements? Just an idea. The thing is, there’s a lot of things we can talk about for this, we can’t cover all of advertisements so we’re just gonna cover the points we find interesting. We didn’t actually take any courses on advertising we’re not I was (S:we’re not market experts) gonna say market yeah exactly. So it’s actually kind of a cool topic because then it’s really is of a perspective of a consumer. Rather than from a perspective of someone who studied it in school. So this should be super un-educational! They don’t do a lot of billboards in Korea. There are occasional ones like I know when you cross the bridge there’s like an Iphone ad but I know when we’re in Tokyo it’s covered in billboards everywhere. Yeah and it’s the same thing in Toronto and even in New York. Like when you’re driving on the highway, you see billboard ads that are laid out for you but in Korea they tend to use a lot more banners. So they have these huge banners that are rolled out and it’s on a location that it’s allowed to go so it’s kind of stacked up with texts. And also like the banners advertisements that we see aren’t really graphic heavy it’s more ”This is the service that we offer, this is the number you should call!” It’s not really pulling you in with like boobies and whatnot. Pulling you in with boobies. I would be it would be more effective you know here’s a hot one that we go to, here’s a number and boobies! Ah that’s an interesting hotline. Aha! That’s how advertisements works normally around the world. Boobies? Boobies! But what about girls who have boobies and don’t care about boobies? That are not interested in boobies… That doesn’t stop majority of advertisements of being boobie heavy. Well we did, that is true actually, I just saw an advertisement on Reddit for.. what’s that female model with the big boobs that everyone likes, Kate Upton? She was like eating a sandwich and she’s like AHRJEK SANDWICH. What does that have to do with anything? Do you know how many people ate sandwiches afterwards? 27. We’re talking about like small scale advertising right now. Speaking about the super smallest, how about those noise advertisements trucks which drive around Korea whenever you try to sleep. YEAH! They’ll like drive around in cars, it’s just like local dudes, it’s not like a company and they’ll advertise what they’re selling like washing machines and refrigerators. GGWABAEEEGIIIIII GGWABAEGI. That’s usually not what they sell. It’s like a nightmare version of an ice cream truck. YES! That’s a really great way to put it! Like the ice cream truck’s like NANANANANA! and like ”Omg ice cream!” But here for the Ggwabaegi you have an old man screaming with his like cigarette destroyed voice, growling at the gwabaegis at you and kids are like ”I guess I want a Gwabaegi Mr. Scary nightmare man”. It’s actually most likely BONDAEGII which is VERY different. One of them, is soaked warm larva. That has been boiled in its own saucy juices! Come to Korea, where you can eat insects! What’s the advertising campaign for soaked warm larva? The question posted was about celebrity endorsements and I can definitely say that to me it feels like Korea uses a lot more celebrity endorsements than what I’m used to back home. Especially in the case of, I’ve made fun of it before, 2PM advertise EVERYTHING! It’s like, they advertise eyeglasses, they advertise hiking gear, I think they advertise beer as well and Coca Cola and then they also advertise water filtration systems. AND they advertise Caribbean bay, like swimming at Caribbean bay, and they advertised like a pizza! YES YES a pizza as well, they like their carrier I would say that they’re like advertisers and make music on the side. M: they’re models 2PM will advertise anything, they will advertise hearing aids so you can listen to their music better. With the JYP incrusted hearing aids. They will advertise female undergarments just so you… We’re gonna cut that part out. What did we cut out, you’ll never know! 2PM man.. Well look! Give it a break. Listen, do you know why 2PM does it all the time though? I know exactly why they do it… They have better bodies than everyone else. That wasn’t the reason I was gonna say. Well I was gonna say that for advertising ‘cause I recently watched their advertising for Caribbean bay. Want some pizza, HOW ABOUT ON MY ABS BABY? I just watched… My water filtration system~ OOOHH On my body! You’re so beautiful special girl, right at first sight fell in love with ya! That’s actually what they sang in the water filtration song. I think 2PM is so versatile for every advertisement because they’re probably the best bodied kpop group out there. 2PM has like rippling nine packs! And so when you see them advertising for Caribbean bay they actually got greased up have you seen that advertisement? Back to celebrity endorsements it’s not only 2PM that advertise everything that has ever been sold in Korea it’s a whole bunch of other celebrities. In fact it feels like every time we see a commercial or a poster selling something it always has a Korean celebrity while I’m used to in Western advertising a lot of actors being hired for something like Cheerios ads or Coke ads. I guess the difference that I’ve seen when it comes to celebrity advertising in North America and Korea is that in North America you kind of have to be associated with what you’re advertising, at least a little bit? So like if Beckham’s gonna advertise something he’s gonna show like his soccer skills and how he wears these shoes or like look at me in my underwear and my hot body I’m Beckham I’m so hot. But it seems like in Korea you can advertise all types of things rather you’re related or not with it. Like chicken ads! A lot of kpop idols endorse chicken. And fried chicken as well! Fried chicken, which is something I don’t think they eat! Yeah girl bands, I don’t think they get fed very well I doubt that they actually eat fried chicken. But I mean you get flyers for your front door and I’ve seen at least nine or ten different bands rotating through the chicken field. And you see them advertise like BIGBANG advertised beer at one point. That was fascinating, (the HITE one) yeah yeah because at the time they did the advertisement Seung Ri wasn’t legal age to drink, so they did the advertisement without him, that wasn’t BIGBANG that was MEDIUMBANG! Yeah, but somehow when it got to marketing they thought ”You know, it’s okay if we don’t include all the members because at least four of them can drink!” but when I saw the ad, the first thing I thought of was ”Where’s Seungri?” and people in the comment section were like ”Oh, he’s underage”. Well the first thing I thought of was HITE is terrible beer (Disgusting). It’s the worst like urine water with like bubbles in it it’s, don’t drink HITE I’m sorry. But even soju is being advertised by Korean celebrities you see Lee Hyo Ri used to do Cheoeum Cheoreom which is our favourite. And as Lee Hyo Ri became less popular, not saying she’s not popular but she’s not as big as she used to be during U-Go-Girl. So now they have three different girls representing them, they’ve got Hyun A from 4MINUTE they’ve got Goo Ha Ra from KARA and also Hyo Rin. Except the ads advertisements, they’ve really changed. Because I remember the Cheoeum Cheoreom ads used to be be life fun, like dancing and smiling but now it’s just ”LOOK AT ME, RUBBING IT ALL OVER MA BODY!” Boobies again! ”SPRAYING IT ALL OVER MY HERE’S WHAT I DO WITH YOUR BOTTLE”. It’s really male focused and the thing that really upsets me with that is that I don’t wanna buy the Cheoeum Cheoreom soju anymore because the advertisement was so crappy. It was really heavy handed, it was really shoving SEXUALNESS ”DRINK OUR SOJU!!” down your throat. But that’s not a common form of advertisement here in Korea we don’t see hyper sexual ads like we do at home. I don’t – Not as much! Come on the Cheoeum Cheoreom ads was as bad as it gets. How about the ad with that model. The one when she did SPRITE and she….. She goes to the beach and she gets dumped on by water and she’s like AH NO That’s an exception rather than a norm. Oh and you know what else you forgot about? What? There is the commercial for Caribbean bay which is a swimming place. NO BUT that’s like advertising bodies because everyone’s supposed to go there like that’s good looking. 2PM and Girl’s generation members go there and they take off their clothing in the changing room. And they unzip all their clothing. And they jog their training to be life guards. And I’m like cause they’re gonna get a job at the side as a life guard? I’ll tell you what’s interesting about those ads, they have to put on those dorky swim caps that you have to wear in Korea. That’s right! Because in Korea you have to wear swim caps when you go swimming! You’re totally right! So that ad, everyone will see the members of these groups being like ”We’re so hot” FALSE you should be wearing a plastic swim cap over your head. All I’m getting at is, there ARE sexual advertisements in Korea. But it’s not as prevalent, it’s not as prevalent as we’re used to. I don’t know I haven’t been back home in a while to watch tv commercials. One thing that you’re not gonna see a lot in North America is though: Fridge advertisements! Exactly that I was thinking. First of all, refrigerators in Korea are damn sexy! And I’m not saying that as an old person like ”Look at that refrigerator it’s practical” No, frigerator technology here, I say frigerator, refrigerator. North America is in a dark time when it comes to refrigeration. The refrigerators are white in Korea they’re like sparkling diamonds on them, they have dots on, they have engraved flowers. You don’t have to pull it open you just have to push the button and it’ll automatically open for you. And you can press the second button and the second LAYER will open for you. So just in case you only want like drinks the first layer will open but if you want food the second layer will open. But what I find very odd about the advertisements for refrigerators and for like any home stuff in Korea. Whenever you see the commercials for them it’s always a family in this like big house and a giant kitchen, they walk through the door and like ”Honey I’m home!” and like WHO LIVES IN THESE HOUSES majority of people live in apartments that are really a lot more crammed than that. Yep, so I think that refrigerations advertisements have blown my mind away. Refrigerators. Yes. We’re gonna talk more about this in our blog post so click the link below if you wanna read more about advertising in Korea. We haven’t gotten the chance to talk about funny ads and jingles. So how’s the advertising in your country, I’d love to hear if there’s any differences. Does celebrities endorse everything? Or is it totally different? Let us know in the comment section below~ For last week’s TL;DR we talked about different ways you could die in Korea and here’s what you guys got to say about it. Parsacarly wind up telling us that in Australia you actually find and you’re more likely to die in a car crash than you are from one of the deadly animals in Australia but they wound up saying that supposedly crocodiles now CLIMB TREES!? And that is supposedly just a bit creepy? That is horrifying. I think that’s understatement of the year crocodiles climbing trees, that’s the stuff of nightmares. You go up to get like an apple and there’s a crocodile that’s like SURPRISE! No, that’s the worst way to die right there. Mynx commented in saying that ”I’m surprised you guys didn’t talk about fan death I always poke fun at my boyfriend, he’s korean his mom always turns off his fan when he sleeps.” I think we talked about fan death before in another video. We talked about it in a TL;DR about superstitions in Korea, we didn’t want to talk about it for this one because we wanted to talk about actual ways you can die in Korea. Not fan death which is false! It is impossible to die of fans in Korea! What if I try to take a fan and shove it in your face and try to murder you with it? That’s another type of fandeath that’s not kind that we talk about in the… OH I SEE my type of fandeath isn’t a good enough fandeath for you? Yes. Oh. Also in our blogpost we ended up asking about this one idea drinking before or during or after your meal and one person on our blog ended up saying that his mom is a nutritional scientist and she’s been studying this for like 30 years. And supposedly you’re only supposed to drink water half an hour before your meal or 2 hours afterwards. And they’ve been doing this for a few years and they’ve feel a big change in their digestive system. To which I say, how do I know that you’re not lying that your mom’s really not a doctor? Good point! My dad’s a doctor also! I don’t believe it! You know what I’mma need to see some cold hard facts, give me a scientific paper because I still think it’s silly. How does it work with soup, soup is made out of water. Is there a difference between soup water and water water in a glass? If you eat soup you get more diarrhoeas FACT!

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    Martina I love your sense of style xD

  7. Avdertisement here in Norway tends to be one of two categories: funny, or wannabe inspirational. There are a lot of funny ads, and then there are some ads that try too hard to be funny. As for the wannabe inspirational ads, they tend to include some type of acoustic guitar music or piano and include very dramatic shots of Norwegian fjords and mountains while some voice-over spouts inspirational nonsense to try and fool you into thinking that this cheese commercial is really deep.

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  9. Its the same here in my country. Considering that I'm from an Asian Country. Celebrities endorse products such as shampoo, conditioners, soap, electronics, clubs, bars, restaurants, shops, clothing line, tooth paste, department stores, shoes, bags, everything you could ever imagine even like subdivisions and condominiums. The thing that I find annoying is that these ads take 3:00 – 5:00 min and they like have songs made for it!

    Also when you're watching a soap opera it like cuts and takes a 10 minute break during these breaks 4-8 ads are played and each of them take 3 – 5 min.

    Its annoying since I grew up in another place and it was like the first time I visited there and I grew up watching cable and the ads were like short and straight to the point.

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  18. One of the worst examples of oversexualised advertising from my country
    It's an ad for steel processing plant, and the word they use for the process can mean oral sex

  19. In Switzerland, the advertisements don't really feature famous singers and actors as much as they do actors who no one knows and every once in a while a model but I never really see famous celebrities.

  20. In fairness, naturally, most creatures don't find water and food directly next to eachother. Especially primates that consume fruits and insects from trees. They also tend to laze around after eating before going off in hunt of water.

  21. Advertising in my country (Italy) is the most cringy thing in the universe. You know how every summer in the west has its own stupid pop anthem that will get played over and over everywhere? In Italy, 80% of ads will have that same, annoying tune crammed in somewhere. But the thing is, it doesn't stop at the end of summer. It goes on to be played and re-played to death ALL YEAR LONG until the next shitty summer pop song comes out. And then the cicle repeats itself. It gets to the point where I just have to mute the telly until the ads are over to keep that shit from drilling a hole though my skull, and I know people who have turned it into a drinking game.

    That + trying way too hard to be "cool" and "hip" with the younger generation, which results in some truly uncomfortable stuff. For example there's this brand of chicken nuggets that are shaped like smiley faces that you're supposed to share with your friends on facebook to see which face you got. "*brand name*, the coolest on your social network!" says the ending line with a triumphant tone. I'm not even kidding.

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  31. I'm guessing that Kpop stars, who in general have a debt to their companies for their training time+food+housing etc and thus low salaries (see Simon & Martina's video about it)., can actually make more money for themselves through advertizing and sponsorship. Recently saw an interview with Lee Hyori saying how she doubted herself because she's a singer but she didn't sell so much music and her income was mostly from advertizement and such.

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