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Advertising Icons

Music Snap singing..Snap what a happy sound Snap is the happiest sound I’ve found You may clap, rap, tap, slap but snap makes the world go round. Snap, Crackle, Pop –Rice Krispies! From the Valley of the Jolly Ho Ho Ho..Green Giant Meet Mr Clean! Proctor and Gambles new all purpose liquid cleaner Singing- Mr Clean gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute Singing- Mr Clean will clean your whole house and everything It’s luck to catch a leprechaun, but of course you already can If those laddies ever did catch me, they’d catch me lucky charms The new bold Cheerios with a charming difference- Mashmallow bits! Fish-You going on vacation? Charlie the Tuna- Yeah, some place nobody ever heard of. Charlie- ya see guys with good taste always go some place nobody ever heard of Charlie- Ah the Gobie Desert. How’s that for good taste Starkist! But Charlie, Starkist don’t want tuna with good taste Starkist wants tuna that tastes good. Take a bath with Mr Bubble and give Dirty Burt a lot of trouble cowboy music Ronald was just taking pictures of all his friends Smile and say cheeseburger Cheeseburger …Ronald- very good a mash, it’s a monster mash, a monster mash to introduce new the chocolatey mashmallow in my count chocula Yo quiero Taco Bell keep going. Nothing out lasts the Energizer. They keep going and going Frosted Flakes good? They’re GREAT! Morris saying-Playing with yarn is stupid, but cat owners expect it. Morris-It’s part of the image
Owner- How about some dinner? Morris saying- They also expect you to be finicky. Watch me be finicky He’s dapper. He’s debonair and Mr peanut cuts a dashing figure with his top hat and cane. Not many people know the man behind the monocle. His roots are a little more lowly than he lets on just like the peanut he represents. To understand the genius of Mr peanut you have to know that in the late 1800s peanuts were basically a food of the poor and of slaves I mean. In fact that phrase if you were sitting in the peanut gallery comes from the fact that only people who could afford the cheapest seats would eat peanuts In 1906 a nineteen year old italian immigrant started putting roasted peanuts in packages sealed for freshness He called his company Planters Nut and Chocolate Company because he thought the name sounded important and dignified. The addition of Mr Peanut helped distinguish Planters from the rest of the peanut pack. By putting the Top hat, you know the monocle, on a peanut really was a literal attempt to raise the status of the peanut beyond this kind of low life kind of food. Peanuts soon proved popular and so did their monocled mascot Planters helped cement the link to their legume logo when they offered all kinds of Mr peanut premiums that are prized by collectors. But what’s surprising is that Mr Peanut’s popularity was not the product of a high powered marketing firm. Actually he was created by a 14 year old school boy in a company contest in 1916 And the kid won $5 for his creation man-what?
duck- Aflac! other man- You should ask about it at work What’s it called?
Duck- AFLAC! woman- What about you? can we Chat with you? sighs-I’m here for Geico love. Let’s not delve into my personal life, hey. music playing Still going..nothing outlasts the Energizer I insist that pops the sound, the best is missed unless pops around You can’t stop hopping when the cereals popping. Pop makes the world go round. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Rice Krispies!

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