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Advertising Design | CCS

Advertising Design | CCS

Advertising is the voice of the brand. So,
we facilitate communication between a brand and consumers. Whether that’s
through multimedia or traditional media, interactive media. We’re communicating
with people. It’s everything that you see from television to online videos to pre-roll. It’s print advertising that you see flipping through a magazine. It’s the billboards that you see when you’re driving by. It’s mobile applications that you’re interacting with on a regular basis. We’re learning photography. We’re learning filmmaking. We’re learning storytelling. We’re learning how to maintain a consistent narrative across all media. At CCS you’re surrounded by like-minded people. Going to a university you’re gonna get a
broader exposure. Here it’s very focused. So, everybody you talk to is a creative
no matter what department they’re in and that helps you generate more creative
ideas. It helps you hone your craft. Detroit is nestled in a top-10 market
still in the United States. Advertising agencies from all over the nation come to CCS to recruit our students. Places like RPA, Leo Burnett, Crispin Porter, Wieden and Kennedy. They’ve all been here and they’ve recruited students. With a degree from the advertising program here we’ve had students leave to become art directors, creative directors, copywriters, user experience designers. The list goes on and on. Project managers, directors of photography. We’ve got film makers, other things like that. You can cut that together, right? I tried to breathe in between those.

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