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Advertising Bait Review | Advertising Boost | 2018 2019 Michael Phillips

Advertising Bait Review | Advertising Boost | 2018 2019 Michael Phillips

– [Michael] Hi there everybody. Thank you for joining. This is Michael Phillips, and I have a program for
you if you’re looking to recruit more people in your business. If you are a brick and
mortar business that wants to generate more business and more leads. Then this is a great program
for you to check out. So, I’ll just dive right in
and do a screen share with you. Play a video or two if it works. And show you where to get signed up. Because it is an amazing value. Check this out. So I’ll share my screen with you today, and it is called Advertising Bait. You might have heard this talked about, and you might have seen it
around the web advertised a lot, and especially on FaceBook. But what it is again, is
the opportunity to give away free vacations, complimentary
hotel stays at the resort of the person’s choice. So, there are terms and conditions
that go along with this, as any of them do. But what it is, is they can
get their hotel stay for free, and pay the room taxes, the resort fees, and their flight to and from, of course. But the actual value can range anywhere from 500 to 1500 dollars. So when you give this
away as a free bonus, or as a thank you after a
customer completes a purchase, or even has a look at your
business, or comes into visit more than a certain amount
of times in a week or month, it’s an amazing incentive for people. What I found was a lot of
people like to use it as a contest giveaway. And of course there are no
limits to what you can give away, in terms of number of
vacations, and hotel stays. So, have a look at this. I have my site up here
in the top left corner. I know my rights and my lefts. Up in the top left corner, we
are at Phillipsvacation.site. So go ahead and type
that into your url bar, and have a look at the video. I’ll play it a little bit. – [John] Hello, I’m John
with Advertising Bait, and if you’re a business
owner or entrepreneur who needs to generate
more leads and sales, well then I have a message for you. For decades large sales
and marketing organizations have used travel incentives
and promotions to generate billions of dollars in sales. But high upfront costs
and ongoing expenses made it impossible for
the little guys to use this powerful selling
advantage, until now. Through our new product
called Advertising Bait, we’ve revolutionized the
vacation incentive industry with a subscription based program that any business can afford. – [Michael] So, as you
can see , just a little teaser on that video. And, let’s just scroll
down the site a little bit, and see what it’s all about. So, it is 49 dollars per month to be able to give away vacations
to any of your clients and or customers. And you don’t pay a thing,
depending on how many vacations or hotel stays you give away. The minimum amount is
your 49 dollars a month, and if you wanted to, there
is an annual subscription, in which you receive a bonus if you do so. And the bonus is, well
I’ll show you down below. Okay, so let’s just keep going. So, of course, don’t raise your prices, increase your value with sales incentives. Values of your own business,
you can skyrocket with these. All right, so let’s go a little further. Here’s a great example. The Greater Bank in
Australia used this platform to do over one billion dollars in loans, and generated tons of
business for themselves. So, and this is basically
for anyone in e-commerce, network marketing, online sales, retail, selling to consumers. It’s an amazing incentive for people, and a reward for people. Okay, so there’s the
results people are getting. And actually, when you
do join, you actually receive Ultimate Facebook
Secrets for free. Now I’ll log into my back office shortly to show you very quickly,
an overview of those. But this is worth it’s
price in gold right now. That’s, how detailed this
program gets, well is definitely more detailed
than I’ve been able to dive into yet. So, there’s quite a bit in there. Whether you’re brand
new, or whether you’ve been doing Facebook advertising. So, let’s go a little father. This is the incentive
I mentioned about doing your own specific, value added videos. So, when you join Advertising Bait today, you’ll have access to a
huge library of video ads. Now these video ads can
be filtered by industry, and you can pick and
choose which ones you like. There are many of them. But, also when you pay
a full year upfront, instead of month to month, they will make three personalized
videos for your business, based on the videos that
are in the back office. That’s pretty cool. So, let’s go a little further. Sounds too good to be true? It definitely isn’t. Businesses, large
corporations, and businesses have been doing this for a very long time. And there is going to be
an amount of skepticism to this, but remember that it’s been done, just not by us little guys. It’s not been available for
us to do until very recently. So, it’s been done. People get letters in
the mail all the time. People get calls on the phone
from large corporations. In their sales departments,
trying to get people to take their free vacations
and their complimentary times. But what happens is, a lot
of times that has to do with sitting through a
timeshare presentation when you get there, or
order to ge the vacation for free that they’re offering. This doesn’t have
anything to do with that. And we can go through that in a personal phone call with me. So, what others are saying,
you can go down to here. Remember, this is all on
the site that I’m giving you up in the top left corner,
Phillipsvacation.site. Okay, so just go to this
site, watch the videos, and if you have any more questions, please contact me. Join our Facebook
community, and interact with other people with ideas and.. We’re basically there to help. It’s a big group of people that are just there to help you through this. Because this is something new for you, and you gotta realize
that it is new brand new, and expanding, and you’re
seeing a lot of it. But, it’s still very fresh and
very new for a lot of people. So, a lot of folks have questions, and you can help by being
in the community to help, and people are there to help you as well. All right, so basically, there’s quite a lot of value here. You get with Advertising
Bait the actual unlimited vacation incentives, the
ultimate Facebook Secrets course, the video ads that are in
the back office, free sales funnels and landing pages,
so you can do advertising really on auto pilot, and
you can be a part of the Advertising Bait Facebook community. So basically, it’s 49 dollars a month, or you can actually
sign up for the yearly, and again get that bonus we talked about. So, let’s skip over to
the actual back office, and let’s have a look
and go into my account. And give you a preview what’s back here. So, really what you can
do is come back here, and here’s where you fill out
how you can send a vacation. So, your choices are Cancun,
Puerto Penasco, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Orlando,
Las Vegas, Branson, Williamsburg, Gatlinburg,
Acapulco, and now in Spain, and Thailand trips. So you can actually put
in the person’s full name in here, you can put
in their email address, and you can send it to them. It’s very, very cool. You can bulk create vacation
incentives, as well. If you have a huge list
of people during say, a radio promo that you
were giving away vacations to people who would qualify to win, and you have a list of people. You can actually choose
the file, import it in the Excel S or CSV version, and bulk send out trips automatically. Pretty cool stuff, okay. You can look at your past
vacation redemptions. And I won’t go into account here, but I can go into Resources. So, your typical affiliate material, such as banners, are right here. You can actually post these. You don’t have to post them on Facebook, but these are your banner ads that you can copy the image code and direct back to your affiliate site. And there are all sorts of different sizes for you, of course. And banner ads that are
images, snapped images of the videos that are in the back office. The videos are what we’ll
touch on next, okay. And in videos, this is wicked, okay. So, all these videos, I’m just going to scroll through really quickly first, and then we’ll categorize. So. Look at the amount of
videos that are back here for you to download and
upload with your link. Post on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can put these on Instagram, and direct people to your site, okay. So pardon my scrolling. Let’s get back up to
where the categories are. And let’s say you want someone to become a new member, a new client
with your business. Let’s say you want to
do a free trial offer, and you get them to look
at a video to do that. Let’s say you’re in the
medical and health industry. Or the automotive industry. You’d like someone to make a purchase. Let’s say you want them to take
a survey for your business. And at the end of the survey you’ve got a vacation incentive for them. How cool is that? Marketing, referral programs, business consulting, fitness, right. Get someone to come into
your gym and sign up for a year’s worth of fitness program, and basically be able
to give them a vacation. How cool is that? I think that’s very cool. Motor Club of America,
digital business cards, TV, phone, internet services. So you can just click on any one of these. Let’s go back to, where were we here? On marketing surveys. Let’s click on survey. So, it filters it. So, short survey for Cancun. Or short survey, Orlando Vegas. Let’s click on the video. And you can see that now. I hope you can hear this. (reggae music) So how cool is that? Very, very cool. So you’ve got tons of resources in there. Again, with your custom video request, this right here is when
you prepay your yearly fee, your yearly membership, instead
of doing month to month. And you submit it, give
detailed instructions for your custom video,
and you can customize to one of their existing videos in the member’s portal, or not. And that’s just their bonus for saying, doing the whole year in advance. Really cool. Okay. There’s so much in here. Also, I did say I would touch on Ultimate Facebook Secrets, okay. Now, check out, once it’s
loaded, check out the videos here that touch on Facebook. So of course, first the introduction. Then it talks about Facebook
Pixel and how to use it. The basics, Getting started
with Campaigns, Add sets. In the overview, creating
your first campaign and the basics of creating audiences. Then a Quick Start Tutorial. And a dive into audience creation. Campaign creation. Ad set creation. And look at every single video dives deeper and deeper in how to do things. It’s a huge, huge course. And no wonder it’s worth so much money. So, this is worth, Facebook Messenger bot, and then Extra tips. Video tips and tricks. And even an Ad Swipe file. A little bit of peak behind the curtain on what resources and tools to use. So this itself, this page
and this amount of content, alone is worth the 49 dollars a month. This is to help you not
only launch your advertising bait incentive trips, but
if you want to become an Advertising Bait affiliate as well. This would really help with that. And it would also help in your business to figure out how to bring in
more leads and more sales. So, it’s very, very cool. Let’s click on Frequently
Asked Questions first. And I’ll stop the video soon. I don’t want to dive too
much into all of this. But you need to know some things before you actually come and have a look. So, let’s go over to just a
couple of basic questions. Number one, how are you able
to offer these incentives? So Book VIP, which is
the organization behind Advertising Bait and how
they actually do vacations, has traveled over one
million families to date and contracts with the world’s
leading hotel chains and resorts, to help
them fill their otherwise empty rooms. We help fill empty rooms which
the hotels, resorts, turn into additional revenue
from other areas of the property and future bookings. Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs. So when the hotels give
out their rooms partnering with Advertising Bait and
Book VIP, they might miss out on the room fee, but
already didn’t have that in the first place. At least they now have
the opportunity to gain a customer for their in house
restaurants, room service, their casinos, an extra day’s
stay, and future bookings. Let’s see, I’ll stop reading there cause I know you can read the rest. I’ll leave it up for a few minutes. This is one of the
biggest reasons why they can offer the incentives. And a lot of people are skeptical because, now us little guys can
offer these incentives. It’s been done, as I
mentioned, by big corporations, and this is how they do it. They fill empty rooms in
certain resorts and hotels. That’s all there is to it. These are legit and amazing
value vacations and stays. And all you have to do
is put up the taxes, the room fees, and or resort fees, and your flight to and from. So, it’s very, very cool. I will leave it at that. Thank you so much for watching everybody. I will get out of there. I honestly do encourage
you to take a look at this at Phillipsvacation.site. And if you have any questions,
I will put a link below. Not only for that, but also
my phone number as well. I encourage you to call
me and ask me questions. And I’ll answer any questions you want, and we’ll help you get started right away. All right, thank you so
much for joining today. I do appreciate it, and I
hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you and bye for now.

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