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Advertising – Art Direction AOC Consultation

Advertising – Art Direction AOC Consultation

Erin: For those on online who have joined us and I’m going to turn it over to Guillermo and Bob Guillermo: all right so thank you for being
here in the virtual space to talk about the advertising art direction
graduate certificate that we’re planning to launch. Bob is going to talk about
the where we are Bob: sure so this this frame is a bit old now. So today is AOC of course. July 10 we had the second Ad-Hoc pack meeting which went really well September 9th we’re going to SEM;
September 16th ASA – Academic and Student Affairs Committee and on 24th we’re going to Board of Governors. That’s the plan at the moment. Guillermo: Of course if you don’t have any objections to what we’re doing AOC Member: right just eat the slide doesn’t match the time frame that you mentioned Bob Guillermo: yes now we have to update that slide the process in flow, let’s say, so we are
adjusting to our schedules to make it happen But yes, we will send an updated timeline for that. So this new program that we’re planning to launch is is a grad cert that really complements
well the other grad certificates that we have in advertising and
complements really well and fills a void that we have in our advertising cluster.
We have two other graduate certificates in advertising we have advertising
copywriting which is one of the pioneer programs in the college.
It’s a well-regarded program with a lot of fantastic grads and a great history
in this field and we also have an advertising account
management program and the plan is to create this one for art direction which
is an area that is in-demand it complements our cluster but also I think protect us from competitors because really rounds up well all the areas
of advertising that we have. So it is assigned to develop graduates that have a
comprehensive understanding of advertising art direction, design and
copywriting and what is interesting of this one is that in the very near
future we see an integration of this program with their other two, creating
kind of a common platform of advertising and helping people at the grad certificate level specializing in the area that they want to specialize. The
target audience for this one is current art directors who want to upgrade their knowledge, graphic designers,
web developers, account coordinators, copywriters, set designers, University communication
majors and fine arts majors. What happens now in our advertising cluster is that many of our students kind of stream into art direction
but they want more, they want to go more in depth and this program will do that. So there is demand out there. The
advisory committee have been really positive about this and have we’ve been
talking about this program for years until finally we found a great
formula to launch it. I think that we covered this one already. Do you wanna talk, Bob, about what they will learn. Bob: Sure, and we’ve been working on this a fair bit in the last few months as well so this, the frame you’re looking at, is
is pretty broad we’ve narrowed it down and mapped out some course
offerings, some specific course titles which I can read off to you. We have, for example in first semester, Introduction to Advertising, Introduction to the Creative
Process, Introduction to Marketing and Creative Strategy Development. And these courses are planned to include students from all three grads certs. So the new
art direction, ad copywriting and advertising account management. So all
three program’s students will be sitting in the same classroom taking those four
courses, which is one of the goals of the program from the outset. I know we
first started the idea with some faculty Guillermo’s comment, one of the first
comments was we wanted to integrate this program into the existing network of programs we have now so that’s the goal that we’ve been
pursuing. So for example, we’ve got in semester one, five courses have all three
programs, two courses have two programs and four courses have a course of
their own so one of the challenges we’ve had with the ad copy
writing and the account management grad certs is they’re seeking art
directors and so they’ve been working with the advertising and graphic design
program which is a two-year diploma, with a three section intake, so about 100 students have been trying to work with about 30 students and we’ve
been getting it done but it’s a little clunky there’s a bit of a divide also
between the students in the grad cert are usually bit older, they’ve got a BA or
other credential under their belt and there are some challenges working
with slightly younger groups in the advertising and graphic design program
so one of our goals I mentioned is to really integrate
students in the three grad certs, have them working together from day one, have them working together within courses on a weekly basis which is something we haven’t
really done before and which is innovative for our faculty Guillermo: and I think that an important point here is talking about the building F which is our
communications agency that is like the live lab that’s served that side of
programming. So it’s a place where you have to put everything in context that
we have, also an advertising and marketing communication diploma,
advertising and graphic design diploma, the four-year bachelor’s degree in
creative advertising and now these three grad certs that serve three
different specific niches in advertising as well. So it’s a very solid cluster
that will be working with building F our communications agency also in colaboration with programs like public relations, web web design and multimedia so it
really will become a very important hub for the faculty to develop really
interesting and innovative work and one of the things that we are looking at is
the very innovative degree of the program with a lot of project-based
programming; scrums, reflections, solutions, so it’s an iterative process in which our students
will learn by doing, will learn by practicing and in a very
multidisciplinary team with building F as a hub
for bringing Industry in and for collaboration with all the Faculties and
other areas of the college such as the Center for Entrepreneurship for
example and the other Centers of Innovation so we’re very excited about
complementing our advertising cluster with this program and with
opportunities that this will open up for interaction with industry. In terms of
the strategic fit it fits really well in Transmedia Arts and Design the priority
in our SMA – Strategic Mandate Agreement and this is as I mentioned before very aligned with the
Center for Entrepreneurship and the other Centers of Innovation at Humber College. So now if you want to go in detail through the proposed learning outcomes but I think you will get a very good idea of what this program will will do. Quoting one of our
full-time professors L. Dempster says I think that
regards to the who is going to take this question what makes a grad cert a great
grad cert is the ability to have a group of people from an interdisciplinary background coming together to
look more deductively at one subject for a quick boot camp of a year. So that’s exactly what this program is going to be doing, very multidisciplinary very collaborative and very hands-on
learning for people that want to have a more in-depth look into this
field and that also will replicate really well what happens in the
industry, so we are excited. If you have any questions please feel free okay we left them speechless Erin: so this session has been recorded and will be sent out by Cynthia to the rest of the AOC committee for them to respond if they have any questions Kelly has a question Kelly: I just want to
thank you for giving this a shot that’s all and I think it’s an indication of
program proposals to come as we try to expedite our processes and be faster to
market so thank you very much for doing this. Guillermo: well thank you for the opportunity I think this is a great format and is a real way to make this
process faster and to you know help with creating awareness of what
everybody’s doing and keep doing things faster and better alright Erin: great
so if there aren’t any other questions we will sign off. Hope everybody has a
good day and if you do have any questions after this presentation
Cynthia will be sending out the YouTube link for the recording and you can send
your questions to her. Enjoy the day. Thanks everyone. Thanks.

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