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Advertising and the Bilingual Brain

Advertising and the Bilingual  Brain

We will determine, if the language influences the desire to purchase a product? I want you to tell me the first word that comes to your mind when seeing this ad? Childhood What does it make you feel? It makes me wonder like nostalgic? It can be Now a change… Does this ad make you feel something different than the previous one? I no longer see it how I saw it at first. My first impression … it reminded me of my niece. But now seeing it in English, not as much anymore. If you were in a store and you saw one of these two ads, which do you think would motivate you more to buy the product? The one that is in Spanish because of the connection with my language and family. Now we will see what happens with the next participant. Watching the two ads, which one is the most attractive to you? I want to say the one in Spanish as I almost hear the voice of my mother when I see it in Spanish. Which one of the two ads makes you want to buy the product more? In Spanish. also? yeah!!! Very good… Thank you. We repeat the above but with a different product. Latino by the colors. How does this ad make you feel? Childhood memories. So when you think of childhood, what does it make you feel? Happiness Happiness? Yes!!! Now I’ll show you another ad … I want to be a Latina, pushing hard … Ah… wants to be a Latina… What emotion do you feel seeing this? It’s fun to see in English but after seeing it in Spanish, I do not know if reaches the hearts of people. If you see them in this way, which one motivates you more to go out and buy it? The Latino one, being a Latina and seeing it in Spanish, I think it is more appealing. Chole, chocolate. Third participant – I think it makes me feel like the message is … a little bit off. It is more emotionally boring. This wakes something up in you… What is this waking up in you that the other does not? I usually am more attracted to English but with this, I focus more of my attention on the words, and with the other more on the image. When we change the language respondents saw the images differently, in some cases even the colors changed, although they were identical. So the language is associated with feelings, or other internal ideas that perhaps they themselves are not realizing that they like or not. Why are companies in the US looking for bilingual consultants for their advertising campaigns? The purchasing power of the Hispanic market in the United States has tripled in the last 15 years, it is the group that has grown the fastest in terms of population and purchasing power.

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