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Advertising and PR Faculty Member Bob O’Gara

Advertising and PR Faculty Member Bob O’Gara

Bob OGara, I teach Public Relations, Advertising
and Integrated Marketing Communications at Point Park University. Basically the way we teach both advertising
and public relations is to explain a lot of history and theory and applications and put
it into actual case histories and practice that the students will be engaged in when
they enter their professional careers. Our students serve practicum assignments from
which they are doing actual PR and advertising work for organizations inside Point Park. I’m not just a professor in the classroom
I’m also an advisor and students will have access to anything they want professionally
from me throughout their career here at Point Park. And that means when you schedule courses you
come to me and I tell you what you need to take, how you need to take them, have they
gotten to scope out an internship yet, are they focusing on the kind of career that they
want because there’s lots of options out there. Being in downtown Pittsburgh is a huge asset
for Point Park because a lot of these professional organizations, they hold their meetings right
here on our campus. So the students don’t have to walk very far
to meet with a group of professionals and talk about something that’s really a hot topic
in society today. We encourage that because what we are is part
of the culture of downtown Pittsburgh, the fabric of government and social action and
then also underneath it all a good education.

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