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Advertising Agency Melbourne: What To Avoid In A Melbourne Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency Melbourne: What To Avoid In A Melbourne Advertising Agency

Welcome to Chapter two of our new book Integrated
Marketing Communications and the Capture of Joseph Kony and today we’ll take a look
at an excerpt from the chapter that looks at the key problem with traditional marketing
and the type of advertising agency Melbourne businesses should avoid. The new advertising agency Melbourne businesses
actually need is one that really understands multi-channel, inbound marketing. Unfortunately, this is not often the case
as many are still stuck in the advertising glory days of the past. This comes at quite a cost to Melbourne businesses
as they end-up paying big money for flashy and creative work that does more to massage
executive egos than drive direct action from potential customers. In this excerpt from Chapter Two of Integrated
Marketing Communications and the Capture of Joseph Kony, we look at some of the key problems
with relying on traditional marketing and advertising. It reveals why not just any Melbourne advertising
agency is suitable to grow a business in the radically new, socially connected world we
now live in. The single, biggest factor affecting businesses
and Melbourne advertising agencies alike is the fact that there has been an ever-accelerating
‘power’ shift that has happened from businesses to consumers. Many businesses and advertising agencies simply
haven’t evolved in line with the changes in customer behavior since the arrival of digital
technology and content such as computers, the Internet, Smartphones and social media. For example, the vast majority of consumers
now use the Internet as their first place to discover products and services of interest
to them with many of them buying. According to 2010 BIA/Kelsey research, 97%
of consumers use the Internet to research products or services! To do this, they use keyword terms such as
‘inbound marketing Melbourne’ and then explore the top few results that best answer
their questions. More recently, many consumers now have profiles
on social media sites like Face Book, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Linked-In. They use these sites to talk to other consumers,
share stories and search for more information that will help them choose the best businesses,
products and services. This recent consumer behavior completely contradicts
the purpose of traditional marketing methods and strategy and increasingly forces the humble
Melbourne advertising agency into extinction. Consumers no-longer sit back passively waiting
for a business to tell them about a new product or service they should buy through newspaper,
TV or Yellow Pages advertising. Instead, consumers are actively using the
Internet to search for products and services that are right for them and they want to be
sure they don’t get ripped-off by one of the many sellers they inevitably find. In tomorrow’s post we’ll delve deeper
into Chapter Two and discover why the traditional advertising agency Melbourne businesses may
have used in the past is clearly a poor choice for the future. Follow along and feel free to comment, discuss
or like us.

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