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Advertising Agency Delaware

Advertising Agency Delaware

Hi, I’m Matt Doyle, President of Advertising
is Simple in Wilmington Delaware. We are a full service advertising agency television,
radio, and internet marketing. We help our clients grow their businesses! See what some
of our clients have to say about us! My name is Anthony Pettruccelli, I am the
President of Suburban Lawn Equipment. I have been working with Matt Doyle and AIS for four
years. I have noticed that store traffic has increased every year that I have been with
AIS. We have pinpointed and targeted our marketing campaign more efficiently with AIS and specifically
in the television aspect of it. One of the things that I enjoy most about dealing with
Matt and his staff is that I never have to wait for a phone call, I’ll never have to
wait for an email, he always seems to be available to whatever need that I may have. His assistant
Ashley is just as proficient especially with our social media aspect of the business. She’s
constantly on top of things and I thoroughly enjoy that. If you’re thinking about going
with AIS for your marketing strategy, I highly recommend them and their staff for all aspects
of your business not just the internet but television, radio, print ads, specifically
what you’re looking for! Again I highly recommend AIS

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