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Advertising Agencies Say 2020 Democrats Are Too Boring

Advertising Agencies Say 2020 Democrats Are Too Boring

You know, typically I don’t like to talk about
stupid nonsense stories that don’t mean anything to anyone, but uh, I’m going to do that right
now. There was a story in politico that I came
across that, uh, was titled Ad Makers Say Democratic candidates need to stop being boring. And basically what the article does is it
goes through, it says, Hey, we talked to some, you know, major advertising executives. We talked to people who make some political
ads and they all say the same thing that the current crop of Democrats are putting out. Ads that are whoring, you know, are the standard
generic American flag waving in the wind in slow motion, you know, shots of landscapes,
farmland, people. You could switch out the candidate for any
other one and it would be the exact same ad. And the ad makers are saying, well, this is
really boring. You’re not going to get people coming on board
with this. You need to do something better. And to that, I say, who the hell cares? Really? I mean, it’s pretty obvious what this article
was trying to promote. And that was, hey, if you’re paying attention
folks, maybe go hire some of these high priced advertising executives and then you too can
have one of these amazing political ads that we’re going to show coast to coast and border
to border, and that’s going to put you over the top, not your policies, not having a good
idea or connecting with voters. No, no, no. You need a flashy multimillion dollar ad or
else nobody’s going to want to vote for you because you’re boring. This is ridiculous. I mean, politico, every now and then they’ve
got some really great stuff in there, but for the most part it’s pure trash. It truly is and that is exactly what this
article is and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk about it. Yeah, political ads or stupid political ads
are mostly boring. Political ads are filled with lies and it
comes to a point, each election cycle, we’re pretty much, everybody’s tired of seeing the
political ads, no matter how flashy and wonderful they truly are. Not to mention the fact that traditional advertising
simply doesn’t work anymore. I mean, sure, there are still some people
out there who have their old cable companies or direct TV or dish network, but those numbers
are dropping by the millions every year. You want to connect with people. You get about 15 seconds in a pre-roll youtube
ad to do it, and if you can’t do that, then you better hope they show up to your rallies
because that’s all you get. We are increasingly living in an ads skippable
world folks, and these advertising executives know that, but they want to make as much money
as they can before people start going to no ads completely and all of their subscription
services. You’re going to start losing money and they
want to cash in because they know that this next election is probably going to be a very
high dollar one. So they’re coming out with this stupid criticism
that the Democrats are being boring because they’re running the same old generic ads run
your generic ads have those boring ads in place because they don’t really matter. People are getting to know you through the
rallies, through the debates, and through all of that, that’s what they need to know. You can’t even really discuss policy in a
32nd ad spot, and that’s why these political advertisements are always so horrible. Nothing really gets explained. There’s a hell of a lot of mudslinging and
voters are left thinking, my God, politics is such an ugly business.

29 thoughts on “Advertising Agencies Say 2020 Democrats Are Too Boring

  1. i will take a boring Bernie any day of the week. we don't need the excitement of gropers and liars. we need honesty and integrity. Bernie 2020!

  2. Boring? Really? The progressive majority would like a word with you, Politico. Those people at politico don't understand politics.

  3. Every ad agency wants their own Ronald McDonald to advertise. We need a steady and dependable POTUS, and ad agencies should shut their stupid lie holes. And yes, political ads are stupid wastes of money. We need election reform now.
    I don't do ad-free services. But I have developed a strong ability to ignore ads and so have many others.

  4. It's a lost cause for them. Even if they can find a candidate that isn't an absolute bore, he won't remotely be able to compete with the showmanship of The Don.

  5. If they are referring to Biden…Im in total agreement.
    In reference to Warren, Sanders, aka the actual fighters…then not so much. Although it would be nice if they could get some Ojeda on their advertising team.

  6. So people just want to see a clown in office from on? Jesus probably the only reason trumps going to win 2020 with a pinch of cheating.

  7. I'm fine with boring. If they're boring then maybe I can get some sleep. I could go talk a long walk on the beach, or in the forest. That sounds nice and peaceful.

  8. They want an animated crime syndicate? Someone who mocks disabled journalists? Someone who knows more than the generals, believe me?

  9. Hey everyone! I'm a new progressive YouTuber. I just released a video where I argue why Bernie Sanders has the best climate plan. Please watch & subscribe!

  10. Please, give us a boring president. I'd much rather have a boring person in the WH, not a Tweet freak that lies every other word.

  11. I don't care if they're boring. I care if they can do the job and get this country back on track. Trump has done so much damage in such a short period of time

  12. Oh, those Sloppy Trump finances > Midterms and Demonrats coming > Gotta save the PLAN and everyone's a** > Breitbart and Pepe won't get the job done anymore > Too much talk about Cambridge Analytica and the Mercers already > But nobody actually took the data of 87 million Facebook users and hence the psychological weapons are still there > These people are stupid > Gaslight and ghostwrite using Michael Wolff > After all, shame is pretty useful > Ok, good, that seemed to work > Can't believe Rachel and Lawrence swallowed that bait too, right > Right, left, right > Ok, need some more resources for our judeo-christian church militant >  Visit ZOA and Epstein > Or anyone willing to pay or leak, for special interests or under blackmail > Boom > Qanon aka the Sloppy Con Way > Yeah, Miller too > And Jared > Even though everyone definitely hates each other, just because we say so > Make the same useful idiots like Corsi and Jones great again > Hell yeah Trump can tweet the covfefe out of everyone – even the hamberders and oranges > These people are stupid > Make Scott Free scot free again > Trust the PLAN > He's a fighter, he's a bulldog, he doesn't give a damn > Jimbo Shirts, that is > Ride the red wave > Channel Riefenstahl and Goebbels and write some real poetry in motion for the Bush funeral > The world is watching > Epic times > Oh, but it's just a conspiracy theory > Jeb's face though, while the casket passed by > And did Killary just drop the letter > Priceless > These people are stupid > Boom, Boom, Boom.

    Yes, Bannon, Bolton, Cruz and the rest of the team have a real aganda and are ready and way more hungry for 2020 than the opponents will ever be.

    Thoughts and prayers, from Finland.

  13. I totally understand where you're coming from, Farron, but the Dems in your countrty might still try and be a bit more "exciting". They need to counter the mudslinging Reps, not by mudslinging, too, but by getting people excited about their ideas. Our German SPD has been having the same problems because they appear to be lame.

  14. This is the problem with the news folks, if they can't find something they will dig something up to sell air time, or news prints….

  15. This reminds me of when TV executives and producers were giving free coverage to candidate 45. One of them even admitted that 45 would be a disaster for the country, but would be good for ratings. I'll take sane and boring any day.

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