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Advertisers: How To Ensure You’re Set Up For A Successful 4th Quarter

Advertisers: How To Ensure You’re Set Up For A Successful 4th Quarter

This video I’m going to talk to about how
to have a successful fourth quarter when it comes to Facebook and Instagram advertising. My name is Traci Reuter, and I’m the CEO of
Divine Social. We’re an Instagram and Facebook advertising
agency. And this channel is all about how to maximize
your social ads, how to maximize Facebook advertising, how to maximize Instagram advertising,
and how to create an advertising strategy that works for you for the long haul. So let’s talk about how to have a successful
fourth quarter when it comes to social advertising. So the big question is, is when should you
start planning for your social ads? Well, depending upon when you’re watching
this video, odds are it’s probably too late. Now, don’t get discouraged. It’s okay. But I just this is something that we’ve seen
our clients that have been absolutely crushing fourth quarter, year after year, and those
that struggle year after year. Now, if you’ve been around the advertising
game for anytime, at all, the last couple years, things have gotten more and more competitive
when it comes to the Facebook auction, and the Instagram auction the advertising auction. And so what happens is, especially around
fourth quarter is the people who don’t advertise all year long, suddenly flooded the market
driving up costs. And that if you depending upon whether or
not you’re a big or small advertiser, they can actually crush your budget. So what do you do? Well, number one, the key is, is that you
want to have a plan to be advertising all year round, 365 days a year, not just in fourth
quarter. So first quarter, second quarter, third quarter
and fourth quarter, you want to make sure that you’re consistently putting yourself
out there providing value to your audience, building your audience, and selling things
along the way. That right there is key is having a plan throughout
the year. Now, you might be a business that doesn’t
necessarily have something maybe you are very, very seasonal. This is where in our three pillars to successful
social ads. And if you haven’t grabbed my mini my free
mini course, make sure you grab that there should be a link somewhere around this video,
in our three pillars to successful social ads. Our secret sauce is our engagement pillar. Now this is something that you can be running
year round providing value, building audiences so that by the time fourth quarter rolls around,
you built these targeted audiences of highly qualified prospects, that you can run all
of your conversion campaigns to, which will effectively and hopefully which we see in
most cases, drive down your cost per sale, your your CPM, all your numbers in fourth
quarter, that for people who only come in at the you know, in October, those people
tend to have their numbers go through the roof. So the key is, is having a plan and a strategy
for year round. Now, again, you might not be selling a whole
lot, but what kind of value Could you put in the newsfeed, maybe you sell dog leashes, you could be you could be running
ads that are amplifying content about why it’s important, or the safety of your dog
leash versus another dog leash, or maybe it is talking about, you know how to get your
dog to walk nicely on a leash so that you can enjoy your walk. Now I’m thinking that because I’ve got a dog
over here, laying here who doesn’t walk nicely and a leash. But that is something of value that you could
put into the newsfeed and people who are going to watch that video of that instructional
video that how to video whatever that case might be. Those are people who are they have a dog. And they might be in need of your your leash
when Black Friday comes around or when fourth quarter comes around. So there are ways whether you are selling
info products, books, physical products, you have an e commerce store, there are ways to
have a strategy throughout the year. Now our one client that we’ve done this with
is a very, very large client in the arts and crafts space. And we have seen absolutely incredible results
for them at the most competitive time of the year. And we run a lot of traffic hard for them
right through somewhere around December 20 when shipping will make it any more for Christmas. But the so this particular client also has
a strategy that we execute for them 365 days a year, where we are constantly testing new
assets. We are testing new audiences, we are building
audiences. We’re providing incredible engagement and
value to those audiences throughout the year so that when that fourth quarter rolls around,
it’s an easy ask and it doesn’t doesn’t kill the bag. So if you want help with your fourth quarter
strategy, whether it’s January or August, whatever the month might be, I would encourage
you to reach out you can leave a comment below or reach out to my team at info at divine
social.com. And if you haven’t already downloaded that
three pillars to successful social ads mini course, go ahead and get that course get the
free worksheets and start to map out your plan so that you can have a successful fourth
quarter, no matter the year, no matter the algorithm because you’ve had a plan for 365
days to be adding value to be in front of people to be building audiences and you will
be happy that you did. My name is Traci Reuter. The best is yet to come. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and
we’ll see you next time.

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