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Advertisements For More Details

Advertisements For More Details

Well hello everyone here schober i here to talk about for advertisements right here and that you see right here’s i wouldn’t put together right here is a drawing right here of me on a Telephone, and i’m sure most of us can’t remember that you know doing this a lot back whenever They, were young that, deal be on the telephone and sometimes that you know Maybe call a a friend of yours that you know From school or maybe if it’s a ma’am maybe talking to your parents or you know. Maybe that Anything, else that you would be on the telephone for and the way i drew this sketch right here is talk about having a telephone of course in the bedroom How many of us really? Want to have a telephone in our own bedroom especially data you know besides i having our own line that that We would want to go ahead and have a telephone, where, we can, pick up that the phone at you know Any time We wanted to and be able to talk and? Whenever the phone rang and then you’ll be able to answer it from your bedroom you know. Stuff like, that but But this right here like it’s supposed, to be like an advertisement right here and and i know for based on what i’m a Studying, them so far as computer skills as are talking About that arrow ties meds and i know most advertisements though that i’m sure that, we all have seen them and that We weren’t you know i wonder why that? That the details are not really advertised clearly because i see advertisements almost all the time But sometimes it seems like it’s not It seems like it’s not 100% guaranteed for exactly about you know. How It works and we might see a lot of advertisements about taxes and maybe car sales or some sort But still load it that there is a lot more to it than what they advertise and sometimes you Do, want to work that, why is it that some? Advertisements that they you know the advertisements mention about the hours please come in between these times and on this day and You know sign up today or something might just so you see advertisements almost all the time but i do want to Know why is it as some of these advertisements don’t say anything like for more details you know. Please that you know Yeah, that you’ll please call, today for more details or please come By the office for more details or please turn to page number two or three for details So it may seem like a file cabinet yeah if anybody, wanted to work now how to explain about how The program or how the offer works and it’s like, saying it you know nobody really Wants to think about as a file cabinet, so make the kind of the advertisement short for about Maybe thirty seconds is to go ahead and say that hey it’s free you got nothing to lose you know Hey, that you you you’re, you know. You’re qualified, during all my so yeah you see a lot of of advertisements for your car insurance On the radio – so talk about Advertisements though, but at the time it seems like that out of that thirty seconds that People say stuff like, you know. Just pick up the phone and do it or you know Just sign up today you know, do it sign up today it’s free you know Guaranteed go for you on your guarantee for you you, had nothing to lose you know So, you’re, they’re, gonna, say something like, that you know he’s advertisement they’re, gonna, say something like, that especially the car Dealerships you know if it’s a if we’re talking about credit card companies and you know other companies that They’re, trying to they’re, putting up! advertisements just to get to your the marketing solutions going, and so, yeah that talent so i would probably say that that you know whenever i was much younger than the age of you know twenty two you know didn’t eighteen and maybe seventeen i would pick up the telephone and And call a number that i seen on television and i think one of those Was that relate to a car lot you around town i think See, where was a car lot, but the one you know i’m sure i don’t know If anybody knows the kind of commercial on talking about the handle a see dog on there but You know still that try remember the name of these car lots and that you insurance Companies yeah in between you know i think in between st. Peter’s and st.. Louis, where they were but you know parts of missouri but, still that looking at those that really knows you know commercials on tow, and So lot of times it was like you know Pick up the phone and call and so i’m sure most of us back whenever We were a kid that you know You knew where the phone was and you would go ahead and dial the number and call but, still that you know. Yeah that Most area ties myths would only take, about maybe 30 seconds really Did that provide the number you know or call the number that you see on there on your screen you know Anything that the numbers gonna say But still though that i really just think though that 15-20 seconds of your time is really about you so yeah you’re talking About maybe hundreds to maybe thousands of callers they are going to be calling and you, want to get information but, still that down if i could, create my, own Advertisement i would maybe think as tour that, yeah exactly, about what you think they Would say but still that table that i also? weren’t you know if you tell anybody here that the way i do this said this sketch right here is if i were to be on the telephone And with this telephone call that if i were to be calling and and it could be related to something important and so now It’s like you know i’m on the phone and uh you don’t even chicken emails if it’s from the school but the school or maybe that you know something important to and Sometimes that you know if anybody words you know that that you can, feel, like, like you’re Maybe like in the spotlight toward a lot of times that they begin whenever you got a Phone call that the conversation begins By, saying that this call May, be monitored or record your on a recorder line and so it’s a it is gonna be something a lot most the time it’s to me it’s something important and Sometimes. Oh that whenever i’m on the phone you know, even it’s for a job interview And you say that you be flexible with, them, about their you know this company’s gonna be going over your resume and then going over your paperwork wherever that they need to collect and other source of information they got collect and So you like weren’t who were yeah exactly, about what your impression is and? So anyway i say that yeah that you know. Your impression to wear that yeah you don’t have, no sauce you know Socks or shoes on them maybe if you’re still in your pajamas or is something more or maybe that yeah you were doing a heavy work that morning i’m like the jobs The jobs that you could, do back whenever you were younger and and i could probably tell anybody to that Besides washing the car Or maybe sweeping the floors or vacuuming that the jobs that you could Do back whenever you were younger and one of those could be as to where that you know Whenever the phone rang and then you, would pick it up and i want to know, about who’s who’s calling but But still that that that That you memories are gonna go on and on but i tell you one thing you know, how To, talk, about for advertisements though it what sounds more like Matthew you know he’s gonna go ahead and then and if he’s gonna create an advertisement and? You know i’m gonna go ahead and create an advertisement exactly, about, what its, gonna say but i was also thinking too and? that whenever, we check our mail you know, whenever i check my Mail that i also see all kinds of advertisements but, not too many of those advertisements are, gonna say you know Call today you’re for more for more details this is what you gotta, do i’m a common, how Many, advertisements that should, say, yeah for more details Yeah, for more details i don’t know, why that commercial Advertisements don’t say That very many times at least for five seconds for details you know For more details call this number or for more details please visit our website for more details You’ll respond to this text so yeah that That they’re, gonna, say something like, you know. Yeah and then i know how, many of us back whenever, we were young at that’s? Way of how, they get your attention you know We all, want our source of attention right but, still that So far as Yeah, the hard work and telephone but But i tell you one thing that maybe eighty percent of everybody, else that, may say that you’ll do Well what you can just to get attention and one of those sources of venting tension Would be as to work that that you’re gonna go ahead and put a certain Charge maybe on the telephone bill just to get somebody’s attention or you know You’re, gonna go ahead and and maybe about, maybe make, about three or four flyers Whenever it wasn’t necessary to get to get the person’s attention You know that sounds you know does that sound like, like, me or does that sound, like somebody, else but But i could, probably say that you know, what does sound a little bit more like Me i would be as to where i go ahead and and it draw a picture when i’m thinking about is to where me on a telephone right there and Everybody, say that you’re that right there it you know. Looks kind of like A picture but it’s something that never really happened you know you you, were you really sitting there on the rocking chair on a telephone and up and even it up i say that if you were Talking to grandma or grandpa or you know Maybe if you were talking to mom or dad or if you were talking to somebody else and you’re like Warrant or that you know something to get their attention, with it’s like, yeah i got something to surprise you with you know Yeah, i called the cooking that that cooking school or something, like, yeah yeah they if you Un picked up the phone and got some information, about the cooking school that somebody mentioned the other day, about or you know Something like that About that lost-and-found car keys or you know. Anything like that So, yeah the plumbing business but but i tell you i want they know that a lot i’ve seen a lot of Advertisements and i do, also one or two that, why is it that these advertisements that say stuff like You know yeah for details on the inside but you know a lot of these advertisements that don’t say for more details But you know that all depends really – but most of the advertisements nearly 88% of the advertisements Usually, say pick up the phone just pick up the phone and do it and it’s free i’m like, ah But but, still that, uh So how, many of us have really experienced that or any Advertisements that you see that you know companies are going to take 30 seconds to to talk about The company, and maybe the special, deal your friend, holiday sale that’s going on or maybe a nice big exclusive offers Ya, sweepstake hell, yeah you, may see that on the tv god i’ma Buy used to buy those tv guys a lot and you seen all kinds of advertisements on there and they want the Advertisements, wouldn’t mention something about that You know buy you know, stay updated with, what’s on television that, by tv guide And the tv guides them That i used to buy i know that they were only good for about maybe 11, days so they’re, about you know Three or four dollars something like that at the store but whenever i would buy, them i can remember Reading it you know looking at d let’s see what’s, gonna be on television and and it’s like? Yeah, that you know a lot of those Advertisements. Though that it’s like you see Advertisements in the papers and i do one or two and that why is it that some of these advertisements that? Don’t say in just what you call three words you know for more details please Call this number for more details but But still though that happen for more details i really think that would be helpful because If anybody were warned toward that that you know. Yeah that if that’s all you, how It works or no you need to have an account to do this or that something else it could Also be used to where you’re you know You got to have good credit you just to be able to get approved and you have to be a Membership of the team or something like that or you had to work You know something else that they’re, gonna maybe tell you but But still loaded talking, about like if anybody say then you know good to hear the voice right here but you know this right here it will be example right here of me on the telephone right here and i Thinking, about war ins is toward that’s supposed to be you on the telephone right there and sometimes that whenever you’re you know Whenever i’m on the phone that you know, yeah the phone calls sometimes Usually, lasts for more than 10 or 15 minutes sometimes especially if it’s about something important and So it seems like the feeling that you get usually whenever you’re on the phone, was something important and And it’s like, yeah you can’t have that nervous feeling, to word at. This person you know yeah
like the operator and i Remember that – back when i was young that i called the operator just to find the number to how to reach a friend or? Something like that Yeah, that you know if you don’t know, the person’s The last thing or though you know, mike yeah that what town, that they live in or anything, like that and then again Not much he can, do but yeah i remember that Darrent you know since i was a kid i probably, say, that i’ve only, called the Operator and i guess you say that you can dial the no doubt zero just to reach the operator but you know, still that You know i really, don’t know. Nowadays with with, like, the skype and You know all this you know. These mobile apps i mean i i do one, or two that that you know It that just like the yet you know, the 9-1-1 Emergency, service lines and other emergency service or local county service lines that that they’re, still all the same But still that That whenever that if you’re? gonna, be on the phone though i can remember that i call the operator And just to trying to see if i can get a number you were to reach a friend and enough i think once or twice Called the operator, but, still that, uh Yeah, you are connected to somebody you know to an actual person And then they direct you to to a number to where you’re if you Asked for that your person’s name and then they’ll told you that your yeah, yeah, they will go and connect You, and and i in a favor say, yeah especially had a payphone if you’re gonna be on a payphone and sometimes you would have to put more coins, and Into the phone just to be able to keep the connection keep the line connected but But i tell you one thing know that you know, yeah that the phone directories it was but But there’s a number of things of how we can describe you for Advertisements of meth and then you have right here is the lamp right here just, was right here was a dresser but but, how Many, times are we gonna really see for more details on an advertisement because i? Think, you would really help, because You know not everything on an advertisement is really going to explain everything i do one or two so why is it that most Advertisements, don’t explain everything because really though that there are a lot of things that We see you on an advertiser this hammer here’s this falconer i included this fall command on here for a reason mainly because That you know, how Many of us will maybe warrant were that that if you know Were to have a job you know since you were young that Going through a lot of paperwork, was a lot of work to you and yeah you know That is what you call another source of job that you would have and? Keeping everything organized, and and yeah that you know working hard and you know especially if anybody, say so how many of us are going to be working hard and you’ll even with not know shoes and socks on you get up one morning maybe you still in Your pajamas and that you’re gonna go ahead, and maybe go check up on the garden if you have a garden you know yeah if you have you know on in the Backyard or something like that or in the front yard if you’re gonna check the mail and not even bother to put your shoes and socks on you know maybe not even bother to put a coat on and then you’re gonna go ahead and go outside and check something and Say you don’t even, bother that the you know that fix it and make any coffee or that make Some some toast i’m like, you don’t eat breakfast You, don’t bother to eat breakfast before you get busy With something and you say that yeah you see advertisements and maybe in the paper i say on a saturday morning yeah How many of us have gone through that experience the on a saturday morning you wake up and around 910 a.m. And then you’re likely, say until you check the paper and you see an advertisement in there and like they say that You know yeah yo sign up today or so you know that take 30 seconds and They, say, yeah but on in the paper though did you know. You can you can stare it at Longer than 30 seconds you know That’s not really the point isn’t like, well all these two advertisements that you see on television that you usually rode for about, maybe 30 seconds but any advertisements that you see in the paper and i Can say that i’ve seen, about all you know all the above back whenever i was younger to but still though that There are advertisements that i get even by text messaging but i also one or two if there was any you know Advertisements. By email i see those a lot of tod times too and So you’re like We weren’t to word it back whenever you were in school that you see an advertisement and and you can’t you have a Bad feeling, like, you’re not supposed to be reading that because you know. Just because you know. Yeah, well that’s not your you know That’s not your phone that’s not your computer you know, that’s not your intercom And i could, say, hi yeah especially to the school if you, want to sing the star-spangled banner Who, ever wanted to pick up the phone and just talk to it yeah use it like a microphone if you Want to sing the star-spangled banner and pick up the phone and just say, oh say can you see Well what are you doing with that put it down So, yeah how, many of us are gonna, say back whenever they, were kids that you know They, want to go ahead and pick up the phone, and sing the star-spangled Banner or make an announcement to the class you know. Just you know just because you, want to get them get the class’s attention You know stuff the stuff that kids do stuff that, we all do it seems like, the stuff that We all do just to get somebody’s attention. You know You’re, gonna i guess you’re, gonna experiment and test around with a lot of things and sometimes i guess people say that That’s called, playing around but really are you really learning anything about Is like if it’s really considered to be a mistake or if it’s bailing about you know. Hey that you know Maybe that there was a reason to why, you, did that but you know, still you know You, pick up the phone and sometimes it could be important or it could be you know Necessarily somebody, asked you to pick you know to answer the phone But still that the phone is right next to me And let’s just say that if anybody say you hear the phone rang and that you’re likely, warrant or that somebody Asks, you to answer that answer the call and i it’s like? Well you told me less time not to answer it but you know. Anyway We talk about for advertisements though how. Many advertisements are gonna say for more details and Maybe that that this eret iseman is gone maybe say something like. You might just be surprised you know you know to be satisfied that you i can guarantee that your be You know yeah, i like the car lots commercials that, you’ll be driving, away all nice and shining or you know Something i’d add or maybe if it’s a a? Telephone you know a wireless company advertisement or something, my dad but But really though that that with most of these advertisements that whenever you see them i guess it’s mainly About your keeping you up to date you know. Keeping you posted About what’s going on at during a? You know two year of if it’s tax time or a certain weekend sale or something like that but You know, again, they know it games to it there’s like the superbowl. Game or something but but stow That that this right here is a telephone right here and i know it i always? Want her to to wear that whenever you’re on the phone you know And whenever you’re on the phone i know that that i i do dislike an analog phone right here So it’s like, this a you’re supposed to be me right here is back when i was very young? On the phone but you know how, many of us ago, may have say you’re gonna have the grandparents they’re, gonna Maybe still remember you it you know, whenever you were on the phone at Those couple years, ago that you can remember that you know You look! So cute looking at you holding that phone up to your ear and talking to you’re talking to your doctor or talking to the Counselor or maybe talking to the principal at school and like, we say is like, well would you to talk about So yeah, you be on the phone and sometimes people are gonna say you’re you you look so cute Who, you holding the phone like that so, yeah that you know you’re on a recorder line, that you know this called me monitored or recorded for quality training purposes and Sometimes, oh data You’re, likely, also one or into that down With that phone call, though that That whenever you’re, gonna be on the phone know, why you know sometimes that you’re like, well you want to wear that uh You know whenever you’re on the phone that maybe not every phone call is gonna be very comfortable. You know it’s like Whenever you’re talking to a friend and compared to if you’re, gonna be talking to a company, that’s one you want you to be more flexible with them and Wanting you dead one how are you or maybe one getting rolled and maybe a certain an insurance plan and sometimes you want to kind of hesitate about that and So anybody, that may, want to wear that why is it that you were not flexible with them About the job or maybe, about the insurance plan but But i you know if anybody warrant or that you keep thinking it that you got a Bad feeling to wear that you know. That’s not what you want to do or that you know Yeah, that you’re there try a trick you, want to doing something but But still that that whenever you’re on the phone and sometimes whenever the phone rings and if you’re busy or you know you, don’t know exactly, who’s calling and You know it could, be a sales call or something but, still though that that Whenever i’m on the telephone and that a lot of times at looking at this telephone right here you know it’s like for paid-up You, say you talk about for pay, days man 30 seconds i talk about your attention so how Many of us, ago, maybe say about 80% of all kids are gone maybe say that you know to get somebody’s attention That yeah i way ahead and push the button i made the phone call or you know. Yeah that Emergency alert system or something like that Yeah, how many of us are going, maybe say that that they you know. They called them you know They called a number just because that it was that there was a storm coming in that and say yeah Well there was a storm coming so i had to You know call that number to alert you or the county or something so yeah that The, day that maybe a number of reasons to, why We do this and why but still that that if i say yeah advertisements are mainly for you know Keep them posted, about what’s going on at you rather the county in the comedian and if any by warren says to where yeah While you were sleeping that this Is what’s been going on and i put a star right there just to say it like the night sky so So if anybody warrants us toward that top and she got off the phone and then let’s just say if you one that does not to sleep, and want to know, about what’s been going on you know since you’ve been sleeping and So it seems like to wear that within a About maybe five or eight hours or so from now Then chances are that you’re, gone maybe begin updates and so if anybody warrants is or that you know Yeah, exactly, you’ll but exactly, whenever You’re, sleeping and at the time it seems like to work that what that has improved in the any, uh any Results, any test results or maybe experiments that you work in on your earlier from that during that week that you are Also wanting to worry about you what that how. The results came out and So it seems like to where that Somebody, like, me would probably say that whenever. You’re, going to be a using a voice recorder especially on the telephone that you know Whenever you hear your, own voice what does that really remind you, of i’m like Well i’ll tell you one thing that since i was a kid i want to speak through an intercom you know So because it’s like, you know, not too many of the students or the teachers really Want to hear what you wouldn’t had to say even sometimes whenever you write a paper that Not too many of the teachers or students or anybody would Want to take time to read it and if they did it didn’t make, any sense so you Were like you know at least speak to the intercom and if we know it you know intercom know Well my god an intercom a device for the you know. Anybody in the building anybody in the school you know With anybody in the store or anywhere in the factory, would be able to hear your voice Any announcements or anything like that and to talk about and So it seems like that you know. Picking up the phone just a meal to make a speech you through an intercom and So your life warrant to where that out you say you asked for a volunteer Or if it’s all about to work that anybody, who who takes that no reasonable Responsibility and to do and stuff like, that about you making the announcements but But you have right here is this drawing right here i put together right here of up with Me on the telephone right here and like with, any kids that they’re Gone maybe do it you’re just so they can get attention. Maybe just be helpful but Still they talk, about for advertisements and So, yeah that uh Back those couple years, ago that uh you know. Yeah that day you you, did stuff up you know Back those couple years, ago but, some ways you can, also think about as to where i don’t know if it’s really concerned to be immature But mainly, about the parents that gone maybe asked. Would you do that for you’re not supposed to be on there but still load it up i Really, think though that you’re for more details that Well you know if anybody will be looking at this it’s like a, some source of advertisement maybe over the phone No, way toward that a lot of stuff that, we have nowadays whenever you’re? Going to be on the telephone that that your telephone i guess is like If you, want to call it like if you, want to you know. Like a device like your Source of communication to her that you know Yeah, you know the first time you, use this it was kind of like, yeah yeah that how, many of us can you know You remember that tour the first time that, we used a telephone? We had to remember the number you know Now, you’re not all telephone devices nowadays require a number and i can tell anybody here that coffee even require an account yep, you know in order to be you can just all you have to do is just sign in to your account and you’ll be able to make the phone call Not all not all phone telephones nowadays require a telephone number you know You, could be signed on to like a facebook account or to a. Google account And do be able to make a phone call that way you don’t even have to have a number but but back, whenever those couple years Ago, that you know dialing the number and and yeah that doubt back whenever i was about maybe two or three years old at that You, had that source of skill to where he can. Just pick up the phone and call the number and Want to know, about you for more details huh but nowadays it seems like that that yeah i have an account Where you have to be a membership or if anything you had to be 18 Year old or just to be able to complete this call or just to be able to go see do the details but But i tell you what they know that Handling, my, own calls sometimes too even if it’s for a job that sometimes Oh, that if anybody Say that for any sources job going through your files and That necessarily thinking about is toward. What’s being done while you’re sleeping and so far is operating and so forth, what do explain But still loaded many source of attention at debate but, still it Yeah, i think about a warrant to word it whenever you get on the phone with somebody and then that they’re Gonna, maybe say that you know, do you have any shoes and socks on like animal right now i don’t You know i didn’t bother to put in yarn you know, i didn’t bother to comb, my hair or brush, my teeth either But still loaded If anybody, say is that yeah they got their reasons you’re, gonna have your reasons to why, did that you know you know you’re not Dressed and ready you know to go out the door to go to a meeting or some sort go to a meeting yeah To attend a meeting that You know the stuff that You, don’t know, about you for the things that keep you busy but But yeah, that this right here that i think by warrants, is that whenever you’re? Gonna, be on the telephone it seems like, to were that you know holding the phone up to my, ear right there holding the phone up to your ear and then being i’ll talk through it and sometimes though that You’re, also wondering to that you know Why is it that it kind of reminds me a little bit about the special attention That somebody’s given to you and i say so far it’s the doctor the call is really really to talking to your doctor Or the nurse about something. Hi matthew. How. You doing today Well yeah, we will discuss with you about About your your your results and as, well as the tests that, we ran and so yeah that please come By our clinic and so yeah that you know whenever you’re, gonna be talking to somebody didn’t air able to get your information from there but um But you know, still reviewed urea for me but, still you know for for more details and So, yeah that uh so as i talked, about forever ties minh stowed it uh That you whenever i think, about the telephone that you know even back whenever i was young that you know people say that you know yeah Well it’s good to hear your voice You know it’s good to hear your voice young man or something so yeah you hear about a lot of times That you know really that you know. You don’t really hear too much of that about it’s good to see your picture yeah I don’t hear very much of that i don’t really hear very much of good to see your picture i may only Hear it’s good to hear your voice so I good to see your handwriting i don’t hear that too much either you know Good to see your picture good to see your handwriting i do one or two that you know Why is it that that nobody really says anything About that you know it’s it’s good to see your english writing or anything that a lot of times it’s good to hear a voice so i guess that the voice i guess It’s good to hear the voice but this right here Would be an example right here am i writing even know. If it’s typed but so if anybody, say that whenever they You know they know, you me very, well and they’re, gonna be looking at My, name you’ll like that right there i wanna know too that you know i name is not just a name? You know just think of the bodies to her that you’re that name right there is also a lie Cause like you know. A little bit like a mascot you know, when people hear that name? They’re, not really, want to thank as to her that you know Yeah, you remember you you remember that, maine that you that knew that man you’ll matthew. Your character right there you’re that that kiddo Right there i’m like, the blue blue jeans And blue shirt you know in the bajamas you know if you remember him you know if you Remember him talking to her about something but Anyway, yeah but you covered there’s but name and then you know so, yeah that talked, about for advertisements those so if anybody say you you work hard even for full-time part-time jobs and Want to know, about that the things that you know to keep you busy and you see an advertisement and? You’re, also wondering to that exactly looking through, the file cabinet and Before you get to that file cabinet you’re, going to be getting a phone call for more details and you know. Please Review you know send you a booklet but, still that time Most of these advertisements if they’re, going to taken, about maybe 30 seconds just to get somebody’s attention That a lot of times that they, were going to maybe say

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