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Advertise across-borders

Advertise across-borders

Hi! If you’re planning to expand
your business into a new market you’ll need a plan to help you advertise
effectively in a new country. It’s possible that customers
in a new market will find you through organic search results
or through word-of-mouth. But investing in advertising can help
get your name out there much faster. Let’s take a look at search advertising,
display advertising and advertising on social media
and also how they can work well together. Let’s go back to our
vintage record store example. If you’re planning to expand
your business from the UK to Germany you’ll probably want to get your website
translated and localized into German. That way when people search for terms
like vintage records in German they might come across your website
and become your new customers. But, if you want to get your business
in front of lots more potential customers it’s a good idea to advertise. Advertising on search results
is a great way to get in front of people who are already looking
for products like yours. If you’re already doing this
in your home country great, just translate and adapt
your keywords and ads. Then make sure your ads point people
to a landing page that’s written in the local language. Now, if you’re wondering
which keywords are commonly searched
for in your new market try using a tool like Google’s keyword
planner or Bing’s keyword research tool. These tools can tell you
which keywords are popular as well as other useful information
like how much they cost and how many competitors
you’re likely to face. But what about the people who aren’t
already searching for your products? Remember, when you expand
into a new market people are unlikely to be familiar with your business already. Display advertising and social media
are two great ways to raise awareness. You could start by advertising
on the website that your audience is visiting. So, if there’s a popular site
where music lovers in Germany go to to discuss their favorite records this could be a perfect place
to show your ads. If you need a little help, check out
tools like the Google display planner. They can provide detail info
about where your audience is spending their time online. What about Germans on social media? Well, it’s a good idea to research
which social media sites they’re using. Is it Facebook and Twitter,
or are there other popular networks? Maybe even ones unique to Germany. Once you have this information,
you’ll be able to use social networks to advertise to Germans who are really
interested in vintage records. By using a combination
of advertising options you’ll set yourself up to win customers
in your new market. Okay, so let’s say you’ve started
to get some traction with customers in your new market,
you could now gear your advertising to continue engaging with them
and build loyalty. Email marketing is a great way
to keep in touch with interested customers over the long term. You could send updates
when you have new records in stock or special promotions. You could also try retargeting. This lets you advertise to people who have visited your website already
based on the things that they did there. So, you can show ads to people
who are interested in your business and encourage them
to come back to your site. If someone reads
your blog twice a month they’re obviously interested
in vintage records. So try using retargeting ads
to convince them to buy. We’ve covered a lot,
so let’s recap. When you expand into a new market
customers probably don’t know about your business yet,
so you want to do some advertising. You can use lots of different
forms of advertising all working together. Search ads are great for growing
your business in a new market. While display ads, social media ads,
email and retargeting can also play a valuable role.

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