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Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #8 – Professional Dodge & Burn Technique

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #8 – Professional Dodge & Burn Technique

Hi Everyone, Kevin here. Today I’m going to show you guys a non destructive
dodge and burn technique. You start with making a new layer. Then pick a new foreground color. and here you type in 80 80 80 which is mid
grey. Fill your layer with that grey color and set
the blending mode to overlay. If you’re planning to use this method more often I suggest to make an action of that mid grey on overlay. Now instead of picking the dodge & burn tool I use the brush tool with black and white. I use the brush on opacity 7 so it’s not
too aggressive. I also turn on transfer in the brush settings over here, it gives you more control if you work with a wacom tablet. You can now lighten or darken areas you want to threat. Like this. If you’re finished you may want to delete
the areas you don’t use to make your file less heavy. It can really add up if you have multiple
of these layers in your file. And thats it! Coming soon I’m planning to share more color
grading and masking tutorials. If you’re interested feel free to subscribe. Thanks for watching, see your guys later.

4 thoughts on “Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #8 – Professional Dodge & Burn Technique

  1. Another great tip. Thanks.
    Feedback – I really benifit from your succinct style of presentation. Direct, to the point, a worked example and no distractions. Perfect.

  2. Nice tip 🙂 Have you tried using two curves adjustment layers, one for dodge and one for burn? Paint in the layer mask and you can go in and adjust the curves later on if you need more punch

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