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Sick of working hard in your business
to create great content each and every week and just not seeing the return on
investment that you want or deserve? Your social media presence should be turning
into cash and in today’s video I’m gonna walk you through exactly what you can do
to get your fans to take action and to convert those leads into paying clients
and customers. If you want to leverage your time and scale your business faster
make sure you hit subscribe and tap that bell so you never miss an episode. For
those of you just getting to know me, my name is Kelly Roach. I’m a business growth strategist and I help entrepreneurs around the world make six and
seven-figure leaps in their business using strategies exactly like the one
I’m about to teach you today. So first of all let’s talk about part one which is
the strategy. We all know that organic reach on Facebook has plummeted. We also know that, that great content you’ve been posting on your business page just isn’t
getting the attention that it deserves anymore. Enter Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a great way to make sure that you stay consistently in front of your
fans and followers because they get notified each and every time you post.
That is a huge asset and money making tool for you as a business owner. Also
you’ll find that when you move from simply posting and creating content to
focusing on building engagement and community, that you’re gonna turn people
that we’re soso fans and followers into loyal paying customers. So the first
thing that I want to think about that I want you to think about is is it time to
either launch or double down on the growth in building your own Facebook
group? The other key thing I want you to think about as it relates to strategy is
using a five day challenge. Now challenges are especially effective
because of the short timetable, the fact that you get people into action and
taking steps to move things forward and that energy, that excitement, and those
results become addictive. People then get excited about the progress they’re
making and they want to keep it going and that is why a five-day challenge is
incredibly effective in taking your Facebook fans and members of your group right straight into a paid program. Now let’s talk about part two which is the
play-by-play action steps and the overview of how this whole process works. So you spend about two weeks promoting your Facebook challenge. You announce it to your list, you promote it to all of your fans and followers, you promote it
across platforms. Wherever you are, people should know that this challenge is
taking place. You want to pick a hot juicy topic that you know your audience
is totally bought into learning about and you’re basically going to take that
topic and break it down into four key steps. As I mentioned already, I created a
step by step blueprint for you to create your first or next profitable Facebook
challenge using a pop-up group and all you have to do is click the link below
to literally get the entire process that not only I use for my own six figure
launches but that I’ve been teaching dozens of other entrepreneurs that are
using it successfully. So click the link below to get started now. So part three
and my final big tip for you today is to make sure that you follow this process
through to the finish line so many people lose steam during the actual
delivering of the content in the challenge that they forget that those
five days of follow-up, of selling, engaging people individually, inviting
people into a conversation, sending them one-on-one messages is really going to
double or even triple the conversions that you get from this process. So
remember just like anything in life follow-through is the critical thing
that’s gonna make or break your success in this process. So I hope that you got
value from today’s video and if you did make sure you hit the subscribe button
and that bell so you never miss a thing thanks so much for being here and if you
want to take things one step further don’t forget you can join my tribe of
UNSTOPABLES on Facebook. That’s my private group where I do free no-pitch
trainings each and every week to help you scale faster and grow more
profitably. Thanks so much for watching We’ll see you next week you


  1. I'm planning to start a group in the next month : ) and for the challenge I'm thinking "21 Day FB Live Challenge". I do video and I think live video is the best way to get comfortable on camera. It also seems like a great way to get engagement in the group (get people to go live in there).

  2. I have been thinking about starting a FB group for sometime. I am putting way too much effort into my FB page only to see minimal reach with my posts

  3. Kelly, I can't wait to start using Facebook for my business. Thanks for sharing more about 6 figure pop up groups.

  4. I think FB groups are absolutely critical for success right now in the online space. Plus, I recently heard that the algorithm prefers posts in groups over the regular business page.

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