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Adshares: Blockchain revolution in advertising

Adshares: Blockchain revolution in advertising

Day-to-day handling of huge amounts of money
flowing through the online advertising market can be overwhelming.
Most transactions involve middlemen which not only increases expenses but also causes
delays in the process itself. However, small publishers and new channels
of promotion are often excluded in such a scenario. Luckily, Adshares, the new P2P platform, has
been created to address that. With Adshares, purchasing and selling of advertising
takes place in a direct way which is transparent for both parties involved.
The advertiser uses the blockchain platform to forward the advertising material, define
its parameters and how much they are willing to pay. The publisher is free to select any of the
available ads to meet the individual needs of their portal, website or blog. The Adshares platform is capable of supporting
hundreds of thousands of similar transactions, forwarding offers in a fast and trouble-free
manner. Only a small commission is charged by Adshares.
This means more savings for the advertisers and bigger profits for the publishers.
The commission revenue goes to the owners of Adshares tokens.
Purchasing a token is all you need to participate in profit-sharing!
Don’t hesitate and invest today! The more items are sold, the higher the token price! Adshares – Blockchain revolution in advertising.

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