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Ads.txt and authorizing Google to sell your inventory

Ads.txt and authorizing Google to sell your inventory

Hello, my name is Katherine and I’m a specialist within
the publisher support team. Today we will be looking
at having an ads.txt file and how this authorizes
Google to sell your inventory. The IAB tech lab announced
a finalized standard for ads.txt also known as Authorized Digital Sellers. An ads.txt file is an IAB
initiative that helps ensure that your digital ad inventory is only
sold through sellers such as AdSense who you have identified as authorized. Creating your own ads.txt file gives you more control over
who’s allowed to sell ads on your site and helps prevent counterfeit inventory
from being presented to advertisers. Please note that you do not have
to have an ads.txt file for your site but we do recommend
that you take this action. An ads.txt file can help buyers
identify counterfeit inventory and help you receive more advertiser spend that might have otherwise gone
toward that counterfeit inventory. Remember, your publisher ID needs to be
correctly listed within your ads.txt file to ensure ads will run on your site. We’ll show you how to
do this in just a moment. We’ve always been
committed to protecting our clients from invalid activity and advertising
fraud across all of our products and, whenever possible, we actively
support and invest in industry efforts to prevent counterfeit inventory impacting
the digital advertising ecosystem. Therefore, we have started
enforcing this functionality in our ad systems since then. To create an ads.txt
file and publicly declare that Google is authorized
to sell your ad inventory you will need to: one, create a text file; two, include the
following line within the file; and three, host your ads.txt on your
root domain and not on your sub-domains. For example, google.co.uk would
be considered as a root domain so the ads.txt file for
Google would be found at google.co.uk/ads.txt Please note that if you
do not own the root domain and the root domain has an ads.txt file you will need to reach
out to your webmaster and request them to add
your publisher ID to that file. These steps describe
how to create an ads.txt file for Google AdSense publishers. For other SSPs or exchanges visit their respective documentation on
creating an ads.txt file, or contact them. I hope this information helps
you to understand the ads.txt file and how to authorize
Google to sell your ad inventory. You’ll find useful
links to our help center in the description box
of this YouTube video and let us know in the
comments if this video has been helpful. Thank you.

96 thoughts on “Ads.txt and authorizing Google to sell your inventory

  1. I got adsense approval for my website almost 8 days ago but still ads are not showing on my website, please help me

  2. I didn’t know that the the music I used wasn’t a copyright I used a music and they reported my YouTube videos saying that I am using someone else property. So I deleted all those music and I replaced them with copyright music but why am I still not available for ads on my video. Please I need help. I am really taking my channel seriously and I need you guys to help. Someone answer me and help me fix my problem please please please please 🙁 please

  3. DearGoogle AdSense Team,
    After seven months of waiting for monetization, it appeared at once on two of my connected channels. However, the main channel disappeared immediately after 5 minutes. I really need help !!! It seems this is a glitch in the YouTube system. Please, help, if you can!!! I do not know another way to get support from YouTube. Thank you

  4. I'm not sure why my views and clicks have both dropped on adsense reports by 51% but NOT on youtube reports? Youtube shows I'm still doing the same and making the same income. Adsense is scaring me. Is there any way to check if it is not reporting properly? I can't seem to find a help button or a contact button to speak to a person about it.

  5. My earning dropped significantly when i enabled custom ads txt in my blog but now I am using adstxtmanager and hope my earning will improve. However you should have show us a website with correct adstxt file implementation

  6. e have suspended monetization on your channel gadoon swabi kpk for non-compliance with our Partner Program Policies. This may include community guidelines violations and/or copyright issues on your live or deleted videos.

    Here’s what you need to know and do to have your monetization reinstated:

    Resolve your copyright or community guidelines issues.
    Deleting videos will not resolve community guideline or copyright issues.
    What if you can’t resolve your copyright or community guidelines issues?

    If you can’t resolve your existing copyright or community guidelines issues, we may reinstate monetization on your account after 3 months if you meet the following criteria:

    You didn’t have any new copyright or community guidelines issues within the past 3 months.
    You use your account in compliance with our policies, for example by uploading content that you have the right to monetize.
    Please login as gadoon swabi kpk and visit your Features page and Copyright Notices page for details on videos that might have led to monetization suspension. You can also refer to our Copyright Center and Policy and Safety Hub for general tips on how to manage your content on YouTube. Note that abuse of the system may result in permanent termination of your account.


    The YouTube Team

  7. Hi ,
    I have failed my identity verification . There are shown or told that 3 attempts but I juat got 1 attempt and I mistakely gave my identity in a wrong way . And now I am trying to mail adsense through troubleshooter form but adsense replying me with just same mail , didn't give me another chance . Why ? . Please give me a way to verify my identity . I am so worried .😭

  8. What's with all the thanks? That video was murky as hell. They have practically disabled their ads service and provided SPOTTY information on complying with their new demands! Even worse? No one seems to be talking about this, just doing the usual Google cheerleading. This is beyond frustrating.

  9. I have my Pub ID of Adsence account but i forgot the id and password of adsence (gmail id which is use to make adsence)…. how can i login in my adsence account? please help me….

  10. Спасибо инструкции наконец-то ясные! Thank you very much. Дай Бог вам здоровья. НО ВЕБ-МАСТЕР, HELP! СДЕЛАЙ ДАЛЬШЕ В КОНСОЛИ ШО НУЖНО ЗА МЕНЯ, А Я УЖ ПОДЕЛЮСЬ!

  11. My adsense account disable please help me enable my chainal monetize and ad my YouTube chainal link my adsense account

  12. I am not able to add any of my blog under the add site section in Adsense. if you know the solution can help on this? it says: "Please go to the host partner to add this site to AdSense
    " but in that section it's didn't mentioned any option to add site option in that section.

  13. Awful explanation and spelling mistakes in the video.
    Seriously google, for a multi-billion dollar company you could:
    1 – provide some context and some domain information about what you are trying to convey.
    2 – fix the typos in the presentation.

  14. I don't understand any of this! Why not just give us the link to directly fix this problem. No help here are all!

  15. All gobledegook! No information on how to fix the problem. Another way for Google to stop paying the pittance they do for others hard work. Google have forgotten their roots.

  16. added ads.txt into my root directory as described and ads stopped appear on my website. Edit: I found, that recommendation from google that you can add owner's ID from any AD source is wrong. You cant use format ca-pub-…, but only pub-…., otherwise your ads will stop working.

  17. You can use AdSense Plugin WP QUADS to sort this problem, use place your ads using it and you will see create ads.txt option, just tick it and automatically, your ads.txt will be created

  18. I still don't understand where to put this code? I am with Shopify…. Any further help on this? I have no idea what to do…

  19. I added ads. Txt file after it notice has been removed but ads are not shown on my web site. What are the reasons? I dont understand.

  20. Typically from Google. We all have to read a Dostoevsky war and peace help page to add a stupid file for YOUR records.

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