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AdMob Campaigns – AdMob Quick Tip #8

AdMob Campaigns – AdMob Quick Tip #8

mobile app publisher, you probably already
know that you can earn revenue by showing
AdMob ads to your users. But what you might not
know is that you can also use AdMob to show your
ads to your users, and that’s done with
AdMob Campaigns. A campaign is a
run of ads that you create and configure to get
a portion of your total ad traffic. You determine the goals and
how many impressions to serve, which ad units are targeted,
and– the best part– design your own creatives
in a bunch of formats, including video. So what are your goals? Got a new app that you’d like
to promote and the ones you’ve already launched? Campaign for it. Want to drive traffic from
your apps to your website? Campaign for that. Meet a sneaker tycoon
who loves your app and wants to pay you directly
to advertise his dope, remastered lows? Make a campaign for it–
and then send me a pair. I’m a size 12. [MUSIC PLAYING]

8 thoughts on “AdMob Campaigns – AdMob Quick Tip #8

  1. If only the campaign would run. Is there a way to contact admob if the campaign is not serving ads even when the status is green?

  2. helo sir… your admob polecy not show in indain langwadge, i am not understand in inglish please fill in hindi langwadge on admob sating.

  3. Hello , i was having admob account i close it , and when i want to open it again admob show that admob unavailable ???!!! please how can i create my admob account ? Thank you

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