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AdButler – Installing Our WordPress Advertising Plugin

AdButler – Installing Our WordPress Advertising Plugin

Hey everyone, Liam from AdButler
again with another tutorial video, and today we’re going to be doing something
a bit different; We’re going to step outside of AdButler
and look at WordPress today. Specifically, how to use both together, and get AdButler running on WordPress. WordPress is that great piece of software that
today’s modern internet is basically built on. Thousands of websites including
our own blog, blog.Adbutler.com run on it. Our plugin for WordPress allows you to
place and configure an AdButler zone and any widget on your website and
simplifies the process setting it up is really easy and i’m going to run through
it right now with you. A quick note before I start, you will need to access
your AdButler admin account, that’s the account above all other accounts, the one
with all the billing information everything tied to it. So if you’re just
a user account, once you hit the point where you need to access the admin
account you might need to ask for access to it. Now this video is only going to go
over how to install the plugin and set up a zone. We’ll go over the more
advanced features in another video. To start, open up your WordPress dashboard
and head over to plugins. Please note right now that if your website is hosted
on WordPress.com, you won’t be able to use our plugin because you cannot use
any plugins on WordPress.com. Moving past that, click on the add new button and
search AdButler. You’re looking for the one by SparkLIT Networks, that’s us, and
you want to hit the install now button. The plugin will quickly get downloaded
and we can click activate to get it running. If we move over to the installed plugins
list, the AdButler plugin will now be listed here, and we can click settings to
start linking it to our account. We’ll be greeted by prompt asking for AdButler
key. For this, we’ll need to login to that admin account in AdButler. Once you login to your AdButler dashboard, we’re looking for the settings option in the
top left. In here we’ll, find a completely unreadable string called WordPress key.
We’ll need to copy this entire string and paste it into the prompt on our
WordPress website and hit save. We’ll then get a confirmation and be good
to go. The rest of the screen goes over the basic usage of the plugin, so feel
free to read it. Now that our WordPress and AdButler accounts are linked, I can head over to appearances widget
area and place the widget wherever I want my banner to appear. You’ll notice
that the list of zones is categorized under publisher and head back into AdButler, all my zones
and publishers are present in the same tiers. Heading back to WordPress, I can
select which zone I want and what kind of tag i want placed. We always recommend async, but feel free to use whatever. If you’re looking for explanations on the
different tags, you can find them here. You can also set if you want this on to
serve over SSL, or if you want to pass extra click data along with the banner.
Finally hit save, and the zone is good to go confirmed by this ad properly configured
message. I can now head back to my WordPress site and look at that, our
banner has now shown up. If I click it we’ll track the click, an imppression will
go, and everything is pretty much working without having to make any changes to
the websites code. So that is the basic implementation of our WordPress plugin.
We do have some higher-level functionality as I said earlier, which
I’ll be going over on our next video. As always, feel free to leave a comment with
any questions or email us to get in touch. Also, if you are looking for videos on
anything specific, leave a comment and or email us your suggestion. One again, this was Liam from AdButler
thanks for watching guys (and girls!) and have a good day.

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