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Adam Sand Roofing Business Partner: “Facebook ads got me in jail”

Adam Sand Roofing Business Partner: “Facebook ads got me in jail”

welcome back everyone to roofing
insights I’m sitting here today with the Adam Sand founder of Sargeant’s Roofing
and roofing business partner man thank you so much for flying all the way back
from Canada pleasure to be here man my first question to you man is you
don’t look like a roofer at all how did you end up being a roofing business
partner and the only roofing business wasn’t behind it I get that all the time
especially in a lot of our videos that I do in both companies and it’s true I’m
not a roofer I had two other businesses that I started but my best friend he you
know my life was like up and down and around businesses jobs making money
losing money and his job was really steady Eddie he worked at a roofing
company and the company that he worked for did really well and he had he had
two owners Matt and Russ and they sold the company for a large sum of money and
they the guy who bought it wasn’t a roofer either he was that satellite
owner and Joe recognized really early that he was just the intellectual
property sold with the company I was like you need to start your own company
get your own jobs and he’s like I don’t know taxes and payroll and insurance and
this it’s too much I was like I know how to do it how is it that company saw him
before and he told me I was like I like that exit strategy so how long does it
take to build solid brand like and what I would say like solid brands like
recognizable brand where everybody knows about like Brenda Stars dominated local
market minimum minimum two years before you even can even attempt to say your
that because you need to get through one year just to prove that you’ve actually
stuck around two years to show wasn’t just lucky right so minimum two looking
at and then three is really where you get to say you’ve handled it right how
many hours per week you work right now in that business
so with Sarge’s roofing I would say I maybe work now about ten hours a week I
look for opportunities for marketing right so if I hear about a certain
estimate see a certain kind of house hear a certain kind of concern i watch
our company cam feed and see what kind of pictures and sights they’re on and I
just look for marketing opportunities I go there and do that now it wasn’t
always the case I was at one point time one hour week or like a couple hours at
night just doing the Facebook ads when we first started and then I quit my job
went and bought a whole bunch of the truck and the dump trailer
and I was like driving and visiting sites and we really blew up that year
because I was just so in it plus I just quit my career to basically do that and
then roofing business partner Dodd has trickled up and up and up and because
I’m in Canada it’s go go go for seven months and it takes a fair amount of my
attention even if it’s not so much of my time and then roofing business partner
really ramps up in the winter when our roofing season shuts down and roofing
business partner probably takes about 40 hours a week in my time how did he get
in the marketing was behind there and also how different is you you said that
you come from completely different businesses how different roofing from
anything else you’ve done from a marketing perspective it really is I
find very much the same right consumers buy things for very similar reasons
right they they buy from you know people they like entrust they they need to feel
empowered to make a good decision you know they have similar reasons that
they value something operating the business very different sometimes
roofers can be a little rough around the edges and you’re dealing with a number
of her like best damn roofer okay and so you’re dealing with a lot of those
different things but as far as like processes systems standards and
expectations good people good leadership those basic fundamentals of business are
I think Universal was behind the roofing business partner we had a SEO Google
agency that we hired and I learned about the power of Facebook a long time in the
past when I got in some trouble I actually did a facebook marketing for a
totally different industry and got so much attention I ended up getting
arrested I owned a tanning salon it was tough
business summers rough times like August mid August I was like you know I really
need to a big marketing campaign and so I thought you know what I’m gonna
include I’m gonna create a lotion membership we include the lotion and the
tanning and the same membership you got unlimited and so people didn’t have to
bring the bottle every day so my idea to promote it was to put all these boxes
throw at them all why we have Westham tomorrow like Mall of America here and
it was like a special gift to tanners and it was like this one your membership
and this is before iPhones had Facebook like it was you so to take a picture and
upload it so I created a scavenger hunt whoever could find the most boxes would
win this would win this prize worth a
thousand bucks and it was worse because mid-august I said in 30 days in 30 days
turned out to be September 11th so then halfway through the contest I’m
like okay on September 11th to surprise now I know we’re all thinking I’m from
Canada it’s a little different so then what end up happening is now all
these picture people are taking pictures and this is because you had to upload
pictures with digital cameras nobody took like there wasn’t the constant
picture flow there is today it was still like dimitri is sad today you know and
so all these pictures of all these boxes hidden around one of our biggest tourist
attractions and a special prize was being announced on September 11th some
like friends and family members from the states were like hello he’s gonna blow
up your mall right and so I end up getting arrested so I learned very early
that Facebook was powerful hello how did they arrest you so a special officer
from the Canadian Embassy reported to the RCMP who had to get basically CIA of
Canada and so then like 10 people came to my tanning salon they had a robot
unload the Box prove that it was nothing but plastic bags and empty lotion
bottles in it and then I had to move all the ball all the boxes into like this
big pyramid out front my store in the hallway of the mall
so I learned about the power of social media when we started the surgeons
roofing and I was like you know we got I’d like to find a way to take advantage
Facebook I couldn’t get an agency to do it I couldn’t hire anyone right now you
can count throw a shingle off a roof without hitting ten guys we’re like I do
Facebook grads roofers nobody was teaching like construction Facebook Ads
everybody told me it was a dumb idea it’s like no you use that to sell like
personal training and dog toys and stuff that’s like no but it’s like everybody’s
on here they call a crack book and so I ended up taking a course just on how
Facebook Ads worked and the premise of it was testing testing testing testing
everything is testing right and then ultimately lead magnet and retargeting
right it wasn’t everywhere trying to win on the first opportunity but build an
audience and then retarget so we experimented a bunch and I was taking
money from my personal job essentially being like okay I know you Joe you have
a three month baby and a two-year-old baby and you’re you know you’re working
17 hours a day I’m gonna take 50 grand of my personal money blow it and waste
on Facebook Ads by the way you owe me half that back and thank God he believed
in me enough that I went down that experiment and then after about wasting
$50,000 we figured out what worked and then it was 40% one-year 140
percent the next year and just kept going is Facebook is number one lead
generation for you Facebook’s lead number one for us how
many businesses you work with right now on the Facebook I do five at a time
right my general year yes oh so you guys know Adam he’s not your regular agency
he doesn’t take clients he’s not looking for clients he pretty much comes to
business picks it to business does agents like almost agency work for them
but he only works for the five businesses per year hmm because a lot of
it total video coaching right and I find that there’s Facebook ads and then
there’s coaching on how to build a real audience on a brand Facebook Ads as
number one lead generation for all your businesses we attempt to get there right
I mean it we don’t always win over everything else
because sometimes they’re spending ten times the amount on Google or other
things least funnels but overall it’s really good strategy for most businesses
and everybody’s always very happy and the thing is even if it’s number one
number one source of leads quite often it’s the lowest cost per sale and the
happiest customers like things are turn into great Google reviews and referrals
how easy it is to make million dollars to the roofing business now say I’m
brand new to the business and I want to make million dollar a year how long will
it take me if I’m willing to learn and scale and grow and whatever how long
does it take and how easy it is in the roofing business to make million bucks a
year it’s incredibly easy in my opinion is it
I mean roofing industry is hard right I shouldn’t say as far as if you do the
right things generating enough business to earn a million dollars in retail
retail business roofing in most markets is not hard right great it really just
comes down to having a strategy and knowing what your ideal customer is and
then trying to approach things strategically to bring people down kind
of a little psychological path or they kind of fall in and believe that your
business is the best business and they’re empowered to make that decision
awesome what’s your end goal are you’re gonna keep growing the roofing business
for the rest of your life you you want to sell it or you you want to be more on
the agency side and grow your social media I guess my big path what I’ve
really really realized this is what I’m a unique value is is that I like
partnering with other trades people so my end goal is I want to help people get
through level 2 level 3 level 4 problems as
easily and is with as little input or cost as possible I really like the idea
of finding more partners I like the equity partnership model that I have
with Joe and I’d like to do that more but you know it build it so that’s a
long like I said that’s an endgame that’s a long-term thing I’d like to own
a number of construction companies with great trades people who are fantastic at
what they do maybe just don’t have the marketing and business acumen and
realize that you could be stronger together than apart as competitors right
we have a lot of brand-new roofers in the room you want advice to somebody
who’s just getting started marketing doesn’t matter before you take care of
your customers right and the number one way to take care of your customers have
a clearly mapped out process for everything that you’re gonna do you have
to make it so less repetitive it’s something you’ve heard a million times
about McDonald’s and stuff like that but it really is the more predictability in
systems and processes that you can create in your business with standards
and expectations tied to them the better you’re gonna be able to scale and grow
and the less stress you’re gonna have because this business is something where
you work very hard and you build you know you’re trying to build something
your family and you deserve the success you want but if you don’t have a process
you’re gonna constantly be on the selling and implementing selling an
implementing treadmill and you’re never gonna get out of that kind of rat race
in my opinion thank you so much for your time today cannot wait for your keynote
let’s get it

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