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Ad Extensions in Google AdWords // Tutorial

Ad Extensions in Google AdWords // Tutorial

In this video you’re going to learn
about the different ad extensions you can use within
Google AdWords to make your ads even more engaging. You’ll learn how to use site links
structured snippets and more. So what are ad extensions. Well basically they complement our standard ad formats and they’re designed to make our ads
more relevant and engaging. Google actually says that ads
extensions create more reasons for people to click
through on our ads and on top of this ad extensions are actually a factor in calculating
our ad rank. There is a range of different manual
extensions that we can manage ourselves
directly inside Google AdWords. These are also complemented with a handful of automated ad
extensions. So let’s head into our Google
Adwords account to see where we can manage
our ad extensions. Here I in a search campaign and across the top we can see I’ve
selected the add extensions tab. This is where you’ll find all of
your existing ad extensions as well as being able to configure new ones on the drop down. We can see I’m currently on site link extensions. You can actually switch between all
the different add extension types are right here inside the Google Adwords interface so let’s travel through the
different types of extensions site links allowed to display
additional links along with your ads. I like to think of these as
secondary calls to action and two to six site links can be
displayed along with those ad formats as
people are searching. So let’s take a look here
unperformed performed a flight related search and we can see we have some ads at
the top and these two top ads have some site links included with them so the additional links included with our standard ad
format. Next we have call out extensions. This basically allows to include
additional information. It’s a little bit like the site link but without the link so it’s just
providing this extra context. Google recommends keeping the tech
short so 12 to 15 characters using specific details and capitalizing words sparingly. So sentence case starting with a capital and then going to a
lower case. Here I can say I have performed a
search and these two advertisers have the call out extension included along with their ad format
providing additional context with their standard ad. Next we have structured snippets
these allow to highlight specific aspects
of products and services and you basically select from a
predefined header and then you enter in
information against those headers So it forms a
bit of a list. Google recommends entering for snippets and adding all headers that
are relevant to your particular
business. Here I’ve performed my search and I can see these two advertisers have included structured snippets and they have the Course’s header
being used along with the snippets associated with those who have created this
list that goes along with that particular header. Next we have call extensions and this is where you display your
phone number along with your ADD variation you
can actually choose from using your phone number in the
ad format or using a google forwarding number. The benefit of the Google
forwarding number is that you will have
automated call reporting right within AdWords itself. You can also set preferences so you
can have a mobile preference if you want a
particular number for people using a mobile device and you can also schedule these as
well. For example if you had an emergency
after hours number that you wanted
displayed at particular times you could do
that as well with the call extension. Calls are charged as a regular clickthrough on your card. Now with the call extension they can
appear slightly differently. So here on the left we can see an example of what we
might see if someone searching on a desktop or a tablet device with the phone number right there in
the ad variation and four people on a mobile. It’s a little bit different. We can actually have the call
iconium people can click to actually call your number directly on top of this we have the special
call. Only ads which is a special sub
campaign type available inside Google AdWords and this is where the headline will
actually direct people through to your phone number
as well. This is only available on mobile
devices and it means are directing people
straight through to your phone number. You’re not
actually sending people to your website or landing page. Then we have a message extension. This allows people to contact you
from your ad and it’s basically
connecting that user directly with you via text message. So here we can see on this
particular mobile search we have this particular message extension so people can click this and begin engaging with you via text message. Then we have location extensions the shows address and phone number details along with your ads and it’s automatically going to be
targeted based on the search location. And the keyword that they’re using. You can link up to Google my
business to pull in address details
automatically. And on top of this you can actually
filter addresses so if you are managing multiple
locations for your organization you can filter them out account campaign and aggregate level if you wanted
particular addresses to show at those particular levels location extensions are eligible to
show on Search and Display Network although
I’ve only actually ever seen them on search
network they can potentially appear on
display as well. So here I performed a search related search in this instance. See here we have a number of
different advertisers using the location extension. There’s also a fill out location
extension services designed to help people
find stores that sell your product. They’re designed for manufacturers and you can choose from a list of
retail chains in the US. So here we can see we can select where our particular item is being sold and this for the extension to our. Next we have price extensions which are eligible to display on both
desktop and mobile devices and they showcase your products and services and they actually
include pricing details and a later link through to the
individual product pages on your website. Here we can see an example on mobile and we can see we have these
additional details about the products that are offered for this particular
advertiser. Then we have extensions. This adds a link to download your
mobile app and the headline will continue
to link through to your Web site. So here I’ve performed a search for
pizza delivery. And we can see that we
have this option to either click through
on the headline of the ad or download the advertisers app to our mobile device. Finally we have review extensions which include third party reviews
along with your ads. They do include a link through to
the review website and there are some requirements so
they need to be from a reputable third party
source than to be recent So published
within the last year. And they need to be
accurate. We can actually head in and we can either use the
paraphrased or exact quote enter in the details and then add this extension inside Google AdWords. So that’s how you can use ad
extensions with your Google Adwords campaigns. Tell me how you’re using ad
extensions. Let me know and leave your tips in
the comments below. If you thought this video was
helpful then please subscribe. Share it with your friends and hit the like button so I know to
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  1. Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that Google has removed the Review Ad Extension from AdWords, but all of the other extensions are still availalable.

  2. Benjamin you are so helpful with your videos. I have done all of Google AdWords watching and learning from your YouTube videos and have saved on so much money.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks again

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