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Ad customizers

Ad customizers

an advertiser who offers thousands of
different products, services, or promotions, you’d
have to spend hours creating ads to highlight
each of your offerings, sales, and timing for your promotions. With ad customizers,
there’s an easier way to reach your customers
with highly relevant text ads in real time. For you to get
started, you’d simply provide business details
like your product keywords, the discount you’re
offering, and the timing for your promotions
through a spreadsheet. Then you’d create an ad
template with customizers that tell us the
product, discount, and timing for promotions
we should dynamically insert into the ad text
whenever customers are searching for items in your spreadsheet. So if you’re a retailer,
you can customize your ads to show your latest
products and discounts and count down the number of
days left in your promotion. If you’re an airline, you
can customize your ads to show your most
up-to-date route availability whenever customers
are searching for flights. And if you’re a hotel,
you can customize your ads to show the daily prices
for your hottest deals in real time. The possibilities
really are endless. Use ad customizers to
connect with your customers with the right message
at the right time. And give yourself back time so
you can focus on your business. For a complete guide on how
to set up ad customizers, visit the AdWords help center.

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