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Ad Bytes 2.2 – Callout Ad Extension Setup in Google Ads (AdWords), by Spectrum Group Online, LLC

Ad Bytes 2.2 – Callout Ad Extension Setup in Google Ads (AdWords), by Spectrum Group Online, LLC

Hi! Welcome to Ad Bytes by the Spectrum Group Online. In this series of short videos, we’re showing you how to make the most of your Google Ads account. Last time, we talked about Sitelink Extensions. Today, we’re talking about another type of ad extension – Callouts. What are Callout Extensions: Callouts let you include additional short phrases in your ads, so you can give more detailed information about your business, products, and services. With callout extensions, you can add up to 10 callouts in addition to the text of your ad. While callouts on a computer are separated by dots and listed on a single line, callouts on mobile and tablet devices wrap in paragraph form. Callouts can boost your click through rate by letting you add additional text to your ad. They are also flexible and customizable in use – you can add callouts at the account level, campaign level, or ad-group levels, allowing you to include generic or detailed information within
your ads. You can also specify the dates days of the week, or times of day you’d like a specific callout to show. If you create callouts at different levels, the most specific will be used. For example, the callouts you add to an ad group within a campaign will override the ones you’ve added at a
campaign level. Some best practices: Keep text short: shorter means more call-outs can show in your ads. Think of a callout as a bullet point, rather than a complete sentence. Try “Free shipping” instead of “We have free shipping.” Be specific: Give detailed information to customers to help them decide if you have what
they’re looking for. For example, try saying “Loaded with Omega-3” instead of “Nutritious.” Make sure to create account-level callouts that apply to your entire business like “Response within 24 hrs” Customize callouts at lower levels: highlight information that is only applicable to certain parts of your business for example, “20% off” or “free shipping,” by setting up more granular callouts at the campaign and ad-group levels. Differentiate your callouts from structured snippets: We’ll talk about structured snippets in more details in a different episode. Unlike structured snippet extensions, which showcase a complete group of products or services that your business provides, callouts should highlight specific aspects of your business in short phrases. Also, avoid duplicate content on these two different types of extension to make the most of your limited ad assets. To create callout extensions, sign into your Google Ads account. Click “Ads & extensions” in the page menu on the left, then click “Extensions” at the top of the page. Click the plus button, then click “Callout extension”. In the “Add to” dropdown menu, select the level at which you’d like to add the callout, Account, Campaign, or Ad group. Then, you can either create a new callout, or use an existing callout. To create a new one, simply type your text in the “Callout text” field. If you’d like to set device preference, click “Advanced options,” then tick the box next to “Mobile” to create mobile-only callouts. Click “Save” to save your changes. To edit existing callout extensions: Find the callout you’d like to edit in the “Extensions” column, click the name of the callout. In the window that appears, make changes to the callout you selected. Click the arrow in the top-right corner to go to the callout editing page. Click “Save”. Your change will apply to all ad groups and campaigns that share that callout. To schedule callout extensions: Locate the callout you’d like to edit. In the “Extensions” column, click on the callout. In the window that appears, click the arrow in the top-right corner. Click “Advanced options” Click “Select a date” under “Start date” and “End date” to specify when the callout extension should appear in your ads Under “Extension schedule,” select the days and times you’d like your callout extension to appear. All the times are in the timezone of your account. Click “Add” to enter additional timeframes for your callout extensions to appear. Then, click “Save” to save your changes To remove a callout extension, Find the callout you’d like to remove, and tick the box next to it. Then, click “Remove” As always, there’s more than one way to set something up in Google Ads. If you find anything new about callout extensions, please feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for watching our tutorial on Callout Extensions. Next up, we are going to talk about Call Extensions. See you next time! If you’ve enjoyed this video, you might also want to check out our Google Ads tutorials on demographic targeting or location targeting. Click the subscribe button below to learn more practical Google Ads tactics from the Spectrum Group Online We are certified Google Partners. Also, here’s our contact information. Feel free to reach out!

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