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#Ad Awesome Toy Life Hacks with Sugru

#Ad Awesome Toy Life Hacks with Sugru

Today I’m gonna show you some really cool ideas for fixing and adapting things using Sugru Sugru are sponsoring this video, and I’ve shown you their product before, but for those of you Who don’t know, it’s a moldable glue that you can shape with your fingers? And it sticks to just about anything and after 24 hours it turns into a strong flexible rubber. So it can be used for all sorts of things. They sent me a pack of their new family safe formula, which can be used unsupervised by kids, who are 8 years old and older. So it’s perfect for fixing or modifying toys. I’m using some red sugru. Warming it up in my hands and using it to stick LEGO pieces onto this dinosaur. Sugru sticks really well to most surfaces and in 24 hours, it should be nicely bonded on. Leave it to set and when it’s ready you can start using these blocks to build off the back off. Add some figures and platforms to make your old toy a new Lego hub. You can also use sugru to modify your Lego blocks to meet your own custom needs: I’m sticking these blocks together and thinning out the middle to make my own unique piece. Leave it to cure for 24 hours and once it’s ready,You’ve got your own flexible connection. This piece is going to be perfect to use as the tow hitch for my car. You can see it’s nice and flexible, and it works really well. I thought I’d try using it to repair this old Ferrari, which has lost a wheel, So I used some black sugru, Molded it into a wheel shape the right size and left it to cure When it was ready I took the car Lined up the center of the wheel with the axle and pushed it on. It’s probably not as strong as the original wheel was but it does mean you can use your car again. And it certainly looks a lot better than a missing wheel. For this toy doll which has had a leg snapped off, I thought it would be fun to try modifying the toy rather than fixing it so I removed the other leg. Then mixed together a load of blue and yellow Sugru to make green I realized one packet of each wasn’t going to be enough, so I added some more and molded it together I wanted to leave it as this sort of marble effect to keep it interesting Then I took the doll and stuck the sugru to where her legs were, I used a knife to split the bottom, and made a tail for my new mermaid. I placed her onto a plastic document wallet to stop her from sticking to the table Then used the back of a pen to imprint a scale design all the way down the tail, Left it to completely cure and We end up with this amazing new mermaid toy pretty cool huh you can see the scales and marbling in the colors It’s strong and flexible and it’s a great way to bring an old toy back to life You can also use sugru for fun practical things around the house if you’re bored of having messy cables over the edge of your desk you can take a couple of Lego figures a New sugru to stick them to the side of your desk When that’s at you’ve got the perfect way to tidy up your cables It works really well for charger cables and even for a headphone jack to You can also use sugru to help brighten things up. I wanted to fix these fairy lights along this toy shelf So I’m using sugru to make my own custom fixing hooks When they’re cured just thread the lights across them and it’ll hold them in place Sugru is a great versatile product, which is really fun to use If you want to buy some you can get 15% off by clicking the link in the description I Hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video if you want to see more you can click on the links or take a look at my youtube channel page Stay safe have fun. And as always. Thanks for watching

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  1. What would you fix with Sugru? For more Sugru videos see here: https://youtu.be/yBv8GPDsJxs?list=PLQ_T2NppE0PJe6us5Dbk_wudzgNQGNmmd

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  3. Warning ⚠️ Kids and babies shouldn’t play with this, otherwise they would choke, get sick!🤒

    PS: this video rocks!

  4. 4:31 Rest in peace Wyldstyle, DaveHax ruined you. ** DaveHax for that reason. Live on, Wyldstyle!

  5. That was a really cool dinosaur with Lego peices! THAT WAS THE COOLEST LEGO DINOSAUR WITH LEGO I HAVE EVER SEEN!

  6. Soooooooo much to my face when my father came in to get a good deal on me because of three years in prison when she had been in prison when he died of cancer at a school where he didn't want her kids in school

  7. Um are you crazy hu oh yes your crazy my Thomas toy is cind of a bit of werdly so very one is on my side

  8. Can I ask …. do u have kids

    If not ……… Mmmmm u still have DOLLS I am 10 and I chucked all my doll out at the age of 7-8

  9. DaveHax:sugru is the best

    elmers blue entered the chat

    crayola entered the chat

    elmers glue (glue stick) entered the chat

    Crayola (glue stick) entered the chat

  10. Z so I would say by it sticks to anything but does it stick to you quarter thick just fall off because I don’t know and I want my mom to buy me something because you know there’s not that multiple 1 cup colour I want then I could just mix to see you girls together to make a different colour if you know what I mean👮🏻‍♀️💄 so that’s why I want to be a cop when I grow up and here’s your favourites on your way over saying what the what the what what in the world with the fibre Tron what does cyber Tron is what we used to use as far away or no

  11. 1:28
    DaveHax: I'm sticking these block together and thinning out the middle to make my own unique piece.
    Ball joints: Am i a joke to you?

  12. The mermaid one is cool my little cousin was crying when her doll broke ask her if she trusted me broke the other leg freaked out but then gave it a pink and purple tail and she loved it so much

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