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Ad Astra Review

Ad Astra Review

Now as many of you know, after seeing this film

100 thoughts on “Ad Astra Review

  1. Ok… I've been watching you for a few years now, but I have to say, this may just be the best damn review I've seen you do yet. I know very little about this film, learned a wee bit more from your review, nothing to spoil my joy, but enough to really hook me. Thank you Grace, I really appreciate your efforts, and I will now be seeing this film this weekend. Bravo, young lady… you are THE premiere film reviewer I have found on the interwebs. Please never stop.

  2. Hey Grace love your videos. Please can you do a video of your favourites movies and what you like about them, not just 3 but say 10. I'd love to know your all time favourites.

  3. Jus came out watching in IMAX and damn its an amazing experience, filled with subtle emotions i can totally believe its one of the greatest movie you watched! (What the heck was that Tenet teaser though!!!!)

  4. Been looking forward to this review since reading a snippet of info that Grace had posted earlier, had watched it already & was def impressed.

    I'm not a huge fan of Westerns but I luv ❤️ my sci-fi & haven't seen a decent one since Arrival & Interstellar I think 🤔 so this film is top of my list to watch on the Big screen.

  5. I like Sci-Fi but after watching the trailer I had no interest in seeing this film, that is until I watched this review. Thank you

  6. Great Review, Grace. I'm hyped for this movie, since I also taking to account the invredible track record Pitt has as a producer. For you movie trivia: in latin american markets (I'm from Panamá) the title for the movie is 'Hacia las Estrellas' (To the Stars) so it is revealed to us the mening of the original Latin title.

  7. I agree with Grace's review & i disagree with the "professional critcs from IGN" & i can't wait for mr. Stuckmans review !

  8. Shame on you grace.
    One of the best films you've ever seen?
    I shake my head and walk away sighing .
    2 hours i'll never get back.

  9. I cannot wait to see this. Going tonight. I absolutely love films where space is a character in and of itself. So hopeful this is one journey I don’t regret. Love your take on films.

  10. People are asking if Ad Astra is like Intersteller. I hope not, as I had to see Interstellar three times before I felt like I really "got" it.

  11. Are you serious? This had one of the worst second and third acts I've seen.
    How is this better than any of the other films that came out this year?

  12. Great review Grace! TBH I usually don't gravitate towards your commentary, but your analysis on this film was balanced and on point.

    Right in line with my forthcoming review. Go AD ASTRA!

    -Dj of MoviePOP

  13. And oh boy. Ad Astra was not that good. The performances and the visuals were good, but good gravy the pacing! And honestly, the storyline is tired (like many characters in the film!) and predictable. I now will keep in mind Grace has a soft spot for Brad PItt.

  14. Horrible movie. It is bad science. Bad story. Bad dialog. Great special effects. Ad Astra …. means "To the Stars" you need to add Per aspera to make it "Through hardship". Grey is not intellectual… he does not understand science. A lot of the movie is unnecessary drama.. so it is not meaningful.

  15. "They should've explained what Ad Astra means". No, they shouldn't have. Not everything has to be given to the stupid audience all chewed up and explained

  16. Arguably, Pitt has wiped millions off the box office for this film by allegedly describing it as being about toxic masculinity in my opinion.

  17. OK, saw it last night on local IMAX screen, truly amazing photography and Brad was really good but somehow the story fell flat IMO. 7 out of 10

  18. “Rightfully trying to dissuade people from being into guns right now”
    I hope one day Grace realizes that many women just like herself have used guns for self defense against sexual assault, etc.. it’s not a black and white issue: “guns bad!”

  19. Great movies aren't made for the weekend or this moments insecure sense of gratification. They endure beyond emotion and time, and live in ecstasy in our inspired dreams of tomorrow. That's what Ad Astra strives to be.

  20. Grace, did you like The Fountain or The Tree of Life? They are very similar to Ad Astra. For me, Ad Astra equals Se7en as my favorite Pitt movie.

  21. I feel that one does have to be in the mood to see this movie. If you like Moon, GATTACA, Interstellar, then you should like this. I enjoyed it, but don't know if I really need to see this one again. The relationship stuff is powerful.

  22. I very rarely disagree with you Grace. Ad Astra was visually pleasing. But that is the only positive thing i have to say about it.

  23. Maybe Grace can explain why she was so disparaging of First Man, but found this film so enthralling, it's a lot navel gazing by Pitt, interspersed with odd out of place action sequences. It's ok, but not a truly great science fiction film by any means.

  24. Grace, it does reference the English translation of the title. In the intro, where it says " something something send to the stars something something" then the "to the stars" gets highlighted in red, the rest of the text fades out then it changes to saying ad astra

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