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AD ASTRA Official Trailer (2019) Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones Adventure Movie HD

AD ASTRA Official Trailer (2019) Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones Adventure Movie HD

What are you thinking about I do what I do because of my dad He was a hero he gave his life for the pursuit of knowledge Control getting that over It’s crazy out there there’s fires everywhere and plane crashes. They’re calling it the surge Major we have some highly classified information. What can you tell us about the Lima project? Its objective was to search for advanced extraterrestrial life the ship disappeared approximately 16 years into the mission and the commander was It was my father Sir This might come as quite a shock to you Your father was experimenting with a highly classified material that could threaten our entire sources All life would be destroyed. We’re counting on you to find out what’s happening out there. Worry about you. I love you Please begin your psychological evaluation As best you can please describe your current mental and emotional state I am feeling good ready to do my job to the best of my abilities I remain fully committed to the lawful completion of the mission If necessary, I will destroy the project in its entirety The earth was hopes in him And now it’s fate is on me We have a job to do are you ready I’m ready

100 thoughts on “AD ASTRA Official Trailer (2019) Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones Adventure Movie HD

  1. Every Hollywood star should have a movie set in space ofcourse and save the earth. This theme speaks to so many because its so recognizable.

  2. This is how US shoot the fake moon landing on Area51 out of fear of get beaten by USSR in space…n made Neil Armstrong the clown par excellence…

  3. Let me guess…….he saves the world. Lol! Brad's a great actor but the plot is so predictable to this movie! Geesh!

  4. This trailer looks like a combination of all these movies :-
    Interstellar 2014
    Gravity 2013
    Moon 2009
    Sunshine 2007
    Firstman 2018

  5. Spoiler Alert. I heard that the classified material that could threaten the entire solar system was actually Bolton and Pompeo.

  6. "What can you tell us about the Lima project?"
    "Isn't it in Peru?"
    I like the trailer, movie's got T.L.J. in it and that's always a bonus.

  7. Might be a good story, however brad was raised in a Christian home and now he speaks out against it. So no thanks. I am not interested

  8. Brad if you meet George clooney,Matt damon,Mathew mcony,Bruce Willis,, clint Eastwood and ask them to make a movie Armageddon reunion part 2.

  9. Going to guess that all the wife stuff will be boring and needless and will take up far too much screen time.

  10. I always admired you as an actor, but as it was my father Nimrud Alexander who introduced Angelina Jolie's mother to Jon Voight, I love her very much. She's also been my Myspace friend for a long time in the days I didn't know who my father was, and I'm sure at that time she didn't know who my father was either. My father financed such movies as BEN HUR with Charlton Heston, MOBY DICK with GREGORY PECK directed by JOHN HOUSTON, and ALL THAT JAZZ directed by BOB FOSSE, and starring ROY SCHEIDER — so of course I'm proud of my father as the greatest producer who ever lived. He also introduced the Academy Awards and Oscars. If it weren't for my father motion picture arts may have never come to life, what we would've had was in fact what we do have now, which is television and television feature films shot with digital video cameras and projected with digital video technologies. Sorry if I have offended you, but imagine yourself having to given a signature by the man who created Intelligence undercover operations to be used during world wars? That's why I have brought so many lawsuits and placed myself in so much danger and my wife Liv Marie Alexander and my daughter Monique Marie Alexander — both of them who are blue-eyed and born in Oslo, Nowray — look how much pain and suffering I caused them by lashing out at everyone without any considerations for causing major conflict and possibly the outbreak of WW III? Vic Alexander — You know I will do anything for you — if you let me. And I know you have too much pride that you will never ask, which is okay, I understand.

  11. Interesting thing to observe comments on any movie/game trailer in the 2019! They are all filled with inside jokes/references/subtle funny criticism of the movie and etc.
    Very interesting! It wasn't always like this and the fact that these types of comments get upvoted to the top speaks of what people value at this point in time.
    I wish someone used this observation to offer a movie/game or anything with a story that goes hand in hand of the 2019 spirit

  12. Elon Musk, would you consider having Liv Tyler host your SpaceX launches? And she gives her guys lots of space, literally.

  13. Brad Pitt bored on a sunday brunch to his agent: Hey how come I never got one of those space movies. sigh

  14. This is a mature move for Brad. Aspiring Minds (Students, Professors, Teachers, Enthusiasts) will be inspired.

  15. It almost looks like Apocalypse Now—in Space!

    I'm thinking Brad Pitt is a little old to be playing an astronaut. Maybe he should have been cast in the Tommy Lee Jones role.

  16. Can we have an interstellar/arrival type movie based on Humans encountering extra terrestrials but basing the film on a diplomatic standpoint and realistic point of view….. thanks 👍

  17. What Brad Pitt not battling or trying too prove a point by slagging the Germans or the nazies the Lord preserve us 😂

  18. Imagine how much more interesting this would be if Brad Pitt was doing this as if they were recruiting his Mickey the Piker character (from Snatch) to carry out this mission to find his long lost dad…and go start some shit in space. Missed opportunity, just sayin'.

  19. How insulting… a "material" that can destroy the solar system? shut the fuck up. No material can be more dangerous than the conditions of space itself, assholes.

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