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Ad Astra: Movie Review

Ad Astra: Movie Review

Are the thrills in Ad Astra totally out of
this world? “I’m steady, calm, ready to do my job to the best of my abilities.” Well, things can get hectic, but that’s
hardly the film’s focus. Brad Pitt stars in this thoughtful sci-fi
drama about an astronaut who travels to the far reaches of the galaxy to find his missing father. “Dad, I’d like to see you again.” The story, while a bit of a slow burn, does
have its share of action. So expect some guns, moon battles with explosions,
solar flares, and other space mishaps, including a jarring animal attack that isn’t
shown but has gruesome results. There’s some salty language peppered into
the excitement, too. Bottom line: This is a stunning movie with
a diverse cast of characters who demonstrate both courage and self-control, with lessons about the importance of human
connection and vulnerability. “The world awaits our discovery, my son.” Common Sense says Ad Astra is OK for teens
13 and up. To read our full review and tell us what you
think, visit us at commonsensemedia.org

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