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Ad Astra | IMAX® Trailer

Ad Astra | IMAX® Trailer

I do what I do, because of my Dad. He gave his life for the pursuit of knowledge. Because up there is where our story is gonna be told. This is a top secret psychological evaluation. Please describe your current emotional state. I’m steady, calm. Ready to do my job to the best of my abilities. I will remain calm. I will remain focused. You look just like your Dad there. He was the first man to the outer Solar System. He was a pioneer. But there was much more to him than that. Please state your mission objective. I am attempting to stop an uncontrolled antimatter reaction. which threatens our entire Solar System. We’re approaching Mars. Space Com believes my Father’s responsible. We’re doing great things up here, real big. What did he find out there in the abyss? The enemy up here is not a person or a thing it’s the endless void. The world awaits our discovery my son.

30 thoughts on “Ad Astra | IMAX® Trailer

  1. This is it … this is what I want … always a fan of space based movies….i wanted to see something like Interstellar…😍😍

  2. So… Correct me if I'm wrong. But that's a space elevator in the trailer right? Seems a bit short in height (as far as I understand, that looks like low earth orbit region, and the space elevators I've read about are supposed to be reaching geostationary orbit regions? That's so they can anchor the line on stationary sites) but I'm amazed that movies have taken this long to play around with these things.

  3. space movies makes me go crazy.. i just cant stop watching the movies again and again. Like star wars, gravity, space odessy , even passengers, etc…just can't wait for Ad Astra… Looks like the word "Astra" taken from India ; not sure, let see ..

  4. Cuando esperas ver el trailer en formato IMAX
    -Mi momento ha llegado
    But el tráiler esta en formato normal
    -Esos bastardos me mintieron

  5. We want Brad Pitt in full fledged action flick like John wick or mission impossible. Coz his small part action was more stylish and fast in #onceupontimeinhollywood

  6. If this is gonna be in IMAX 3D it'll look so good omg. The visuals.😍
    & I hope its in 3D & not the boring flat 2D.

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