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Ad Astra Director James Gray Reveals Pop Culture Influences (Nerdist News Edition)

Ad Astra Director James Gray Reveals Pop Culture Influences (Nerdist News Edition)

(driving string and piano orchestra) – We are here with James Gray, the director of Ad Astra. So, do you mind talking about some of your sci-fi
inspirations for the movie? – You know, I’m a child of the seventies. I was a big fan of watching
Star Trek on television, and also, of course, 2001, which was a huge inspiration. And the first three Star Wars movies, particularly, Empire Strikes Back, which I found a really beautiful film. To tell you the truth,
it’s not really movies that got me into science fiction at all. Basically, I grew up in New York City, and it’s too light to
see the stars at night. And I’ll never forget, we went to see our friends who lived in Commack, which is out on Long Island. And at night, you looked up, and it was the first time
we could see the stars. And it was as though the world had opened up and become something larger, more
vast, more beautiful. – That’s amazing. – Yeah, it’s a true story. – And it ties to the name of
the movie, right? Ad Astra. – That’s right, Ad Astra, to the stars. But that’s not the whole phrase, you know. – No, I did not know that.
– The whole sentence is per aspera, ad astra, which translated from the Latin, means through hardship, to the stars. But we felt that it had power, because the idea is, it’s
beautiful to look outward, but it’s also difficult. – That touches the soul,
that answer. (laughs) – Well, I don’t get out much, but it’s nice to know I can touch a soul every once in awhile.
– You can! – That’s good. – So, speaking of touching souls, if you were an alien, or if aliens were to watch your movie, what do you think they would gain from the humanity in the state of how we exist and live on Earth? – Oh, my God. I think aliens might be very disturbed to look at us, maybe
disturbed to see the film. The whole film is trying to make sure that we’re aware of ourselves emotionally, and that we can open up, because I think the film is very hopeful, in that way. I’m not gonna tell you the ending, but I think aliens would probably think of us as a pretty damaged species, don’t you think? – [Dr. Moo] Probably. – [James Gray] We kind of are, aren’t we? – Yeah, but that’s what makes
us beautiful and unique. – Oh, absolutely. You know, there’s a
great quote I once heard from a very wise man. He said, “imperfection
allows us to breathe.” Which I thought was great, you know, so the imperfections makes us beautiful. – It does. And it’s captured very well in the movie. – [James Gray] Oh, thank you. – It really is, yeah. So, switching gears, space pirates. – [James Gray] Yup. – Space pirates are
attacking your vehicle. You’re on the moon, you’re
traversing the moon. What do you protect? – I think you protect yourself. You don’t care about what’s
in the rover, do you? You protect yourself! Aren’t you more important than a machine? You know, we’re making light of it, but you know, if the moon is out there for exploration, it’s very, very rich in natural resources.
– [Dr. Moo] M-hm. – And there are going to be treaties, but how are you gonna be able
to enforce those treaties? – [Dr. Moo] Exactly. – So, if the moon gets colonized, you’re probably gonna get
some lunar pirates, too, every now and then. – Yeah. I know you
recently became an expert on the lunar tubes, the caves that exist. – Expert? I wouldn’t call
myself an expert in anything. – Do you think that the
space pirates may hide there? – Well, maybe, but they would have to have the safe haven from
another part of the world that had colonized the moon. But yeah, isn’t that interesting? There’s all these, maybe,
tunnels, under the moon, and how vast they might be? The more we find out,
the more incomprehensible and fantastic the universe becomes. I was telling my daughter
this the other day. I said to her, what do
you think of the person who’s the smartest astronomer? Oh, I’d be very impressed. I said, well, you know, they don’t know what makes up 70% of the universe. They have no idea.
– That’s right. – She says, what do you mean, Daddy? I said, dark matter. Do you know what that is? She says no. I said, exactly, neither
does anybody else. (laughing) – That is very accurate. What a great way to bring
that home to your daughter. – Yeah. – And give her hope! – Well, I sure gave her a little humility, which is what I was
trying to do at the time. – There are so many beautiful locations that you capture in the movie. If you were to visit one of them, if you could pick one place,
where would you visit? – I would go to Mars, I would think. Mars is really interesting. – Really, why? – Well, first of all, there’s
nothing else like it here, on the Earth. And from all I can tell, and we used actual Martian photographs to make our landscapes by the way, maybe the first movie ever
shot partially on location that takes place on Mars. It just seems so un-Earth-like. And the fact that you
can’t really see the Earth from the surface. It seems like it might
be kinda interesting. – Yeah, but how long would you wanna stay? What would you do while you’re there? – Let’s be honest here, I
wouldn’t stay very long. So I would be gone as quickly as I could, once I got there, I’m sure. – Well, thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it! – You’re welcome, thanks for having me. (orchestral music)

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  1. YAY!! Dr. Moo is the best! Need more space videos with the great Dr. Moo. The interview was done very well, loved this video.

    Any more 'Because Space' in the future?

  2. 1:48 – Being a damaged, broken, and screwed up species makes us "beautiful and unique"? 🤨 🤦 You know you don't have to respond to everything the interviewee says right? 🙄 ¬_¬

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