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AD ASTRA (2019) – Movie Review

AD ASTRA (2019) – Movie Review

ad astra is a thought-provoking visual
feast but does this sci-fi thriller fall short of being a masterpiece ad astra is
a science fiction thriller written and directed by james gray the man behind
the lost city of z brad pitt stars and is joined by tommy lee jones ruth negga
and donald sutherland in an era or space travel has become commonplace and
astronauts recruited for a top-secret mission to eliminate a planetary threat
discovered in the deep reaches of our solar system now I’ll begin by saying
this movie is not for everyone it moves very slowly but with obvious intent it’s
very clear the director wants the audience to take in the awe-inspiring
visuals and have time to actually think about what they’re looking at it really
adds an extra depth of immersion that I really appreciated and the visual
effects are completely mind-blowing I’m not sure how most people feel but seeing
those up-close views the planets in our solar system left my jaw on the floor
and Brad Pitt shows exactly why he’s one of the best actors working today his
performance is without a doubt one of the best of his career but overall ad
astra is the most enthralling and unsettling sci-fi drama I’ve seen in a
very long time Brad Pitt is masterful and James Gray gives us a very unique
and hauntingly believable glimpse into the not so distant future this is the
kind of movie that has to be seen on the big screen and that’s why I give Ad Astra a FIVE!

3 thoughts on “AD ASTRA (2019) – Movie Review

  1. Some days it still blows my mind when I think just how far Brad Pitt has come as an actor. I'm glad he was able to show he is more than just a irritatingly perfectly sculpted man.

  2. One of my top movies of the year, along with Midsommar, Peanut Butter Falcon and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Love your concise reviews. This one is spot one.

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